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Tattletail Walkthrough Night 4 - HIDE AND SEEK WITH MAMA - Gameplay Review

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April 4 2017

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Tattletail Walkthrough Night 4 - HIDE AND SEEK WITH MAMA - Gameplay Review , Hello Everyone my name is Purpleoak and I bring to you Tattletail. Now this is an indie horror game based off of a Furby, but with a twist I think. I will be showing you Night 4. On this night Tattletail and his friend want to play hide and go seek. It is far from easy because you have Mama who is hunting you down during this whole process. When Mama sees you your flashlight will die instantly. So far I have showed you Night 1, Night 2, and Night 3. Now If you haven't seen those nights go check them out. For Tattletail I will be doing a full gameplay walkthrough of this horror game. In this video I encounter Mama for the first time and it gets really intense. Oh and a word of caution you better make sure Tattletail stays quite. Plus a review when I finish it. It's always nice to find horror games like this that just scare you. So be ready for the jumpscares and all that other good stuff that Tattletail has to offer. * Channel Link - * Recent Upload - * Twitter - * Google+ - * Facebook - " Instagram - * Tumblr - * Sharre - - Some Great Games That I Play - - Penumbra: Twilight Of The Archaic - Playlist - - Amnesia: The Dark Descent - Playlist - - Transmissions: Elements 120 - Playlist - - Nightmare House 2 - Playlist - For the five nights leading up to Christmas, the player must tend to their Baby Talking Tattletail toy by feeding it, grooming it, and allowing him to charge while completing a set of objectives each night. While the Baby Talking Tattletail isn't a threat, it is prone to generating a lot of sound, which alerts Mama Tattletail to your location. While completing a set task, the player must avoid Mama by staying quiet when she is near (indicated by her mechanical noises and glowing red eyes). Failure to do so or going too close will result in Mama attacking the player in a jump scare, sending the player back to a random checkpoint in the night. Players acquire a shake flashlight to navigate in the darkness, but Mama Tattletail has the ability to kill the player's flashlight when they look directly at her. Baby Talking Tattletail is afraid of the dark and is quite vocal about it, creating a necessity to replenish the flashlight by shaking it quickly. However, the flashlight's shake also generates sound, so the player must be careful about when and where to shake. Baby Tattletail also requires periodic recharging of the battery, feeding and grooming; failing to do so will also trigger loud complaints from Baby Tattletail, which in turn triggers Mama to attack. #gaming #horrorgame #horrorletsplay #horrorsurvival #tattletail #tattletailgameplay #tattletailwalkthrough

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