Megyn Kelly Gets Trolled into Yesteryear by Alex Jones

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  • wolfalexzemla reply great video with lionel. the future of alt media is with two or more alt media stars.
  • epimetheus_1776 reply Kelly is a street whore for the MSM, Alex Jones has many problems...but he is the future of media just saw a dinosaur get punked by a primate
  • MaitreMarkScully reply Alex Jones, in my opinion, is a commentator on 'conspiracy theories' rather than a conspiracy theorist.
  • OralRobots reply It's not very hard to look up Megyn's skirt, seeing how it barely covers her snatch in the first place.
  • ClimatePonziLie reply Why hasn't a court injunction been filed to stop this offensive liberal propaganda, calling for the murder of the President. When 4 soldiers died because of Hillarys' lack of response to Benghazi, there where NO plays where she is prosecuted and sentenced to death with a mock hanging. Liberal judges show no shame in exercising what is an obvious over reach of judicial power to impose a injunction on a lawful executive order calling for a Travel Ban. This play, disguised as ART is OBVIOUS SUBVERSION as it is clearly calling for violent action against the President. Why haven't conservative judges expressed any outrage or used their authority and taken action to impose an injunction on this hate pretending to be art. The play carries on, because standing up to the far left is met with violent action and ANTIFA style intimidation of masked bandits. Hollywood need to rewrite it's westerns, where the sheriff is told to stand down while looters take control. The courts appear to be inept...more when it comes to the mass violent terror tactics of the far left, it has also remained silent against Hollywood style depictions of murder by CNN, CBS, CBC as moral depictions of resistance. Kathy Griffin holds up a severed head of the President. Madonna calls for the burning down of the White House, Snoop dog films himself executing Trump the Clown. The courts appear cowardly as we watch Meryl Streep calling for a campaign of defiance and mass violence broadcast around the world because the don't agree with the election results, while the millionaires audience of actors applauded the message. It's time to demand this stops and a multi, multi million dollar law suit for civil damages be filed against Kathy Griffin for her depiction of a decapitated Trump, Madonna for her call to burn down the White House which inspired Celebrity Winner, also Snoop Dog depicting an assassination which inspired the attempt in a baseball field. It's a double standard for the cast of Hamilton stop the play to lecture pence, while Hollywood actors depicts images calling for violent action and murder.
  • ClimatePonziLie reply Watch Alex Jones Exclusive: Megyn Kelly Caught Lying To The Public, Red Handed
  • [ โ€“ ] Yuung_Maan reply I don't think anything I've ever heard you say anything bad about Alex Jones, and I'm a huge Infowars fan. I tune into every show. Dr Jerome Corsi is my go to for Whitehouse related news. Dr Steve Pachenik is awesome for State Department topics. David Knight is the man for discussing technology and just overall political analysis. I like Dr Ed Group for information related to health and nutrition. Cathryn Austin Fitts is my US economics lady, and Daniel Estulin is my world economics and business insider. I like Alex Jones for the sources, and I find his craziness entertaining.
    • Yuung_Maan parent reply I started expanding on the number of outlets I follow is just because they're way too Bible thumpy. I'm not trying to watch the God channel and shit. But I am grateful that I began exploring because it led me here. Styx, I think you're the best and most fair analyst I've seen. ๐Ÿ Super objective, and you do a great job of being enthusiastic about things that fit your world view without being a fuckin cheerleader
  • wolfalexzemla reply msm = typrwriter, vcr,film camera
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