#RegressiveNews: May 2nd 2017

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  • Politics_N_Games reply These are the corporations that fund the organisation that did the breastfeeding research. Included are baby milk manufacturers. https://www.aap.org/en-us/about-the-aap/corporate-relationships/Pages/Friends-of-Children-Fund-President%27s-Circle.aspx
  • [ – ] MutantPixel reply You guys remember how Communism and Socialism clashed in the 30s? Yeah, I'm pretty sure there was some massive multi-national conflict that spanned the entire world after that.
  • [ – ] MickeyFinn reply The breastfeeding story is confusing to me, and not just because it is obviously a natural thing for a woman after giving birth, but because it was just five years ago that TIME magazine had on their front cover a mom breastfeeding her three year old son with the headline "Are you Mom enough?" (http://content.time.com/time/covers/0,16641,20120521,00.html) I never read the article but I think it was about how mothers were in some one-upping competition to breastfeed their children longer because of the whole "breast is best" campaign and attachment parenting concept/fad. There were also campaigns at the time to not allow hospitals to give new mothers free samples of formula because they wanted to promote breastfeeding. It seems the pendulum swings really fast these days.
  • [ – ] Lord_of_Fire reply Yes, at least one of those women from the breastfeeding study is a feminist. She even pulled the 'misogyny' card when people criticized the study. Also, fun fact: she once wrote a book PROMOTING breastfeeding. I wonder what made her change her mind, though I can make an educated guess.
    • blazedu parent reply that's how reliable we know they are. They'll change opinions in a flash if it fits their narrative.
  • [ – ] madel_schmadel reply "This is a collaborative arrangement and not a competitive one". Bingo. But Marxists, aka conflict theorists must create fake conflict for a fake narrative because the truth just doesn't work in their favor and they want absolute tyrannical power more than anything.
  • Insidio reply AI GO ROGUE 🔥
  • Leadhead reply Holy crap, WWIII is starting to sound pretty good, but seriously, we need a purge of dumbasses, they are breeding way too much.
  • CryptoAndMarkets reply Americans being killed for political beliefs. Sad the state of affairs in the world now, can't even talk politics no more smh
  • GradVM reply and then they call us science deniers... vide comrade Nye.
  • Thaddeus reply I remember when the left used to be the science oriented side... now they are just emotion oriented.
  • JadeJicama reply It's just getting worse out there. And, you just watch, people like Anita will decry the stabber as dealing with 'toxic masculinity' despite possible connections to antifa.
  • TypedScroll reply Antifa guy called white kills guy named brown. (Where is the bleach?)
  • SylvesterSan reply Getting sick of your hate on Europe.
  • AltRightNationalist reply I call it gender marxism.
  • PirateMonkE reply We're living in a fucking satire. This is Idiocracy come to life.
  • blazedu reply The peope who say this things shouldn't be in any way related to any children. They shouldn't have kids, adopt or teach them. If i could reproduce, have a child and make his immunitary system stronger by breastfeeding why shouldn't i? And again with the gender roles. To them everyone needs to be a promiscuous automaton that will accept anything and everything dictated by the "oppressed minorities". Man can't work to provide for the family and women can't stay home to take care of the children because it's sexist. Ok ladies why won't you all go work to the mines, construction work, electrical pole maintenance, garbage and sewage work and all the dangerous disgusting jobs men do because no one else will take them? Go on, tell me how it went.
  • [ – ] LadyFuzztail reply The outrage of saying that breastfeeding is unnatural confuses me, because even if you're talking about trans men who had babies, they usually still have breasts at that point. (It's actually a REALLY bad idea as an FtM to get a masectomy if they plan on having kids, or while they're pregnant.)
  • Dr-Despair reply good video but still fuck your for not accepting gay marriage. just fuck you in the ass in a bad way
  • N3v3r3nding_N3wb reply You didn't talk about Freeourinternet.org!
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