Justin Trudeau Saves Canadian Internet

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  • [ – ] DGTLONE reply Dont know what part of Canada your in but im in ontario and my phone , internet and cable is 126.00 a month and i get 154 DL and 20 up I think i'd be checking out other companies .
    • [ – ] Double-T parent reply Welcome to Saskatchewan where you have 2 choices, Sasktel or Shaw. I suppose I could go for Access but... We're supposed to be getting some high speed something or other here but probably not til like 2020 or something. Hickville!
  • [ – ] SirNigelCogs reply In many places in the US, you get 30 Mbits down (3 megabytes) and 3 Mbits up (300k) for around $50 a month, so if you really meant megabytes and not megabits, you're actually getting some pretty reasonable service. Here you only get really good Internet if you're in a big city or pay a lot of money for a faster service, or happen to be in one of the few areas that has advanced Internet services using newer technologies.
    • [ – ] Double-T parent reply Yeah you're right I really meant 5 megabytes download and around 600k upload speed. But if what you're telling me is true, then my internet should be amazing! But it's not. If I tried to upload this video from my house it would probably take about half a day to do. Thanks for the comment!
      • [ – ] SirNigelCogs parent reply Maybe then instead of megabytes you really mean megabits because that would fit what you're describing much more closely.
        • [ – ] Double-T parent reply Computers confuse me.
          • SirNigelCogs parent reply Internet speed is often measured in megabits. So, 50 megabits is 5 megabytes, and 5 megabits is 500k bytes. It sounds to me like what you're describing in your video is the megabit speed of your Internet.
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