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  • [ – ] alex reply Nice one!
    • danielamann parent reply Alex! Thanks so much man, I really appreciate it. Seriously, Vidme is such an incredible place and the community that surrounds this site is so incredible. I am lucky to be a creator here, and to have seen so much love and support! Thank you for being a part of such an amazing team that makes all of this possible for us as creators!
  • [ – ] WeirdestNews reply Congrats homie
    • danielamann parent reply Dude thanks so much! Can't even believe how much support I have gotten here, and it really is mind boggling how many people are joining the channel every day. It truly is humbling to say the least. So proud, and happy to be a creator and Vidizen here on the site =D Thanks for stopping by
  • [ – ] CrazyRocky reply Ayyyy 600 follower club congrats man you deserve it!
    • [ – ] danielamann parent reply Dude Rocky, I can't believe it! It is so wild how many people have come to support me and come back again and again to see what I do. I really never expected the channel to take off like this, and remain humbled that so many people watch what I do... I went from the 400s to 600+ so fast that I never even got to make my video just for 500! Unbelievable...Thanks for stopping by, and your continued support! Always good to see you around =D Cheers man!
  • [ – ] UnarmoredForce reply Congratulations for reaching 500 (plus a whole lot more) dude!
    • danielamann parent reply Thanks so much! I really can't believe how many people follow what I do here on vidme! It is crazy to me how many people continue to watch and support what I am doing on a daily basis and it is really humbling to see how much love and care there is here by the community. I feel lucky to be a part of this great collection of creators and viewers =D Thanks for the congrats! You rule!
  • [ – ] sarah reply holy! you were just at like 300 2 weeks ago or so. you're growing so quickly! 1000 followers is just around the corner :)
    • danielamann parent reply I know?!?!?! Holy!!!! I can't believe it. This community has been so fantastic and there are so many great people out there who have been so fantastic toward what I'm doing here on Vidme. It truly is humbling. Speaking of which, I need to come up with something really fantastic for 1000, but I want ideas from everyone out there supporting what I do. Anything in mind?
  • [ – ] Techmike23 reply Congrats that's an awesome milestone! Keep it up!
    • [ – ] danielamann parent reply Dude I honestly can't believe how many people have come together supporting me. It really is quite amazing and super humbling to be a part of a community like this surrounding my channel. Thanks for being such a regular contributor to what I do, always leaving a nice comment and having conversations where we get to know one another a little better. It is really appreciated =D Cheers dude
      • [ – ] Techmike23 parent reply It's amazing how fast it has moved right!? And of course, love to see what your next video is about!
        • [ – ] danielamann parent reply Unbelievable how fast! I'm trying to keep up =D Maybe I need to start preparing for the next milestone a tad bit ahead of time. Any good ideas for what you might want to see come, say, 1000 ???
          • [ – ] Techmike23 parent reply That's probably a good idea haha hmm I'll have to think on that 1k is huge! I'm excited to see the collaboration vids tho!
  • [ – ] Wolfer reply Thanks for doing this! You're always awesome!
    • danielamann parent reply Absolutely dude! Thanks for getting it rolling! I love the community and felt like this was an integral part of what it means to be a part of what is going on here on Vidme. Definitely a great challenge =D
  • [ – ] Vozeb reply Congrats on getting 600 followers!!!
    • [ – ] danielamann parent reply Thanks so much! I can't believe how many people have supported me here since I joined Vidme back in February. It really is mind boggling to me how many people care about what I do! It's humbling to say the least! Thanks for the congrats =D It is much appreciated
  • [ – ] Kualajimbo reply Yeah... 'secret project' wink wink nudge nudge ;)
  • [ – ] JessicaMartwin reply This is awesome! Congrats. I hope you have a great time with your girlfriend.
    • danielamann parent reply Hi Jessica, thanks so much! Means a lot to me, and I really can't even believe it!!!! It is so crazy to me that this number of people are supporting what I do day after day! This community is amazing =D
  • [ – ] CryptoAndMarkets reply Congrats on 600 in such a short time. Ive been on here in only a few days, and I have to agree with you. I tried getting verified myself and got declined 😞 but I think it was because I had 4 videos on my channel that were originalky posted on either youtube channels trying to prove my point (my mistake dont judge lol. But hey, now I know right? Congrats big time on the 600 though
    • danielamann parent reply Thanks so much!!! Really that is unfortunate that you weren't verified, hopefully that becomes resolved in the future (I don't know if there is a revivification process or not) but a big thank you for all the praise and support! That really means a lot to me =D
  • [ – ] MarzieMalfoy reply Better cartwheel than me lol
    • danielamann parent reply Well, at least I have that going for me I suppose hahahaha! I don't think I see many more cartwheels in my future -- Not really my thing I suppose ;D
  • [ – ] emmanuelermias reply Hey Daniel, my name is Emmanuel and I like what you are doing. And you have made me love this community. And I have decided to put my content on vid me. And I hope this community grows. And one day we will see each other. And I forgot congrats for 600 followers, it will only go up. See ya
    • danielamann parent reply Hi Emmanuel! So great to hear that you enjoy what I do that really means a ton to me. This community is amazing and I absolutely love it here! So glad to have you as a part of this community =D
  • [ – ] Freeboot reply Thank God this ain't YouTube or you'd be accused of making your video 10:02 mins long for AdSensw
    • danielamann parent reply Or maybe I just know something that you don't ;D Only teasing of course!!! I agree with you, I'd be getting accused of it and it was totally just by happenstance hahaha! My vlogs go everywhere from 4:00-12:00ish more or less just depending on the day and the topic. Obviously, I had a lot to say in this one, and I can be pretty long winded! Thanks for stopping by, always good to see you here!
  • [ – ] hailstorm reply I'm going to teach you how to cartwheel, but that was pretty good. I'll agree with your 4/10😉 Next you have to do it in a tutu
    • danielamann parent reply 4/10 was me being generous. What you didn't know is that the reason I can hardly even walk today is because I must have strained a muscle doing that (just kidding!) ...I'm NOT wearing a tutu
  • [ – ] DruJayVee reply It's pretty cool to see more creators from WA! I am from Tacoma, moved to CA for college and stayed. Do you plan on staying in Washington for the foreseeable future? (Don't know if you have ever seen Tacoma, but Week 12 on my page will give you an idea)
    • [ – ] danielamann parent reply There seriously aren't enough creators in Washington, at least not that I have found yet! I've been to Tacoma a few times, and I spent a week over in Olympia last month. It's really pretty how dense the greenery grows over there, but the trade-off of all the rain is a big turn off for me. It literally rained every single day I was there!!! No plans of leaving anytime soon. I love it here (beside all the bad weather we've been having)
  • [ – ] Malady reply Congrats my man!
    • danielamann parent reply A huge thank you! I really can't believe how many people have been interested in what I do =D It really is humbling to see so many people coming back day after day to support me and leave me comments and watch what I do...Truly amazes me
  • [ – ] lean4sale reply im a sucker for clouds and you've got some great shots of them, but i think more variety in your setting shots would do great to improve the atmosphere, maybe a shot of a river or a forest, etc. good job on what your doing already tho man
    • danielamann parent reply Hey I agree with you! I definitely need to work on getting out more and trying to get some diversity in what I'm able to shoot! I'm going to work on trying to do that (but I'm keeping my clouds too ;D haha) Thanks for stopping by and leaving some feedback! It is always appreciated
  • [ – ] iAmEnglishTV reply Interesting cartwheel lol. Nice video.
    • danielamann parent reply I definitely wouldn't call it a good one hahaha ;D But it was all in good fun and I really enjoyed it! With more than 600 people supporting what I do on a regular basis, the least I could do would be to give back with a cartwheel that rates at a 4/10 at best! Thanks for stopping by and the praise, it is appreciated :)
  • [ – ] MutantPixel reply Great video! I signed up on here back in feb but just couldn't get around to uploading anything. You have taken off! And you deserve it, keep on posting.
    • danielamann parent reply Wow! Thanks so much! Seriously that means a lot. I've posted a video every day so far since I joined, and it has been a lot of work but I do it because I love it, and other people seem to be enjoying it as well. I am extremely fortunate to have so many people who care about what I do and come back day after day to support me! I love this community and being a part of Vidme =D thanks again for the kind words, I really appreciate it
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