Big Boo: Final Fantasy VII Remake on Nintendo Switch

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  • [ – ] michaelclark09 reply If it does happen that's pretty much sold the switch to me
  • [ – ] KeiserHTTC reply My favourite game of all time FF7. MrsK rules
  • [ – ] K2Games reply I was already hyped for the Switch before. I just can't manage to find one that's not from a scalper. (Due to Shin Megami Tensei and Fire Emblem). While I'm not a FF7 fan (4 is my favorite, 13 is my least favorite, with 7 somewhere in the middle-low end), I'll probably pick it up used.
  • [ – ] GamerRaf reply Interesting. If this were to happen I wonder if a lot of people would buy it for the Switch rather than another console.
    • [ – ] ShinyBigBoo parent reply The first time I ever replayed FF7 fully - gold chocobo, weapons, etc. - was when I finally got it on the PSP. I think going portable and RPGs are meant for each other! I also am looking forward to the online features of the Switch... MMORPGs would be really cool. One of my fondest memories of Xbox was bringing our consoles over to each other's houses and using a LAN to play "system link." The Switch has made that so much simpler! Imagine playing Goldeneye or something like League of Legends, Warcraft, or Destiny even, your whole raid party each having their own Switch! :eyes glaze over:
      • GamerRaf parent reply Yeah, I think that the fact that it is portable is what sells it. I would love to play Golden eye just like the old days. I just want more games for the Switch.
  • [ – ] medbrah reply Hey, I've been following you for 28 years and I didn't get a shout out..
    • ShinyBigBoo parent reply XD! Don't worry, I'm making a Destiny video soon! I wish I had video footage of you alerting the Gorgons. Maybe we should all replay Vault of Glass...
  • [ – ] NightsAmore reply Niiice =) Im getting Switch due to the Xenoblade series, now as they seem to release even more exclusive RPGs on it, I feel its worth getting for us RPG freaks =)
    • [ – ] ShinyBigBoo parent reply Yes!! The Switch is an RPG lover's dream! The console wakes up from sleep so quickly, too; seems unrelated, but really added to the immersion of Zelda. It's a perfect fit and lets you play RPG's for five seconds or five hours, whether you're home or not, whether you have time to save or not! You're going to love it!!
      • [ – ] NightsAmore parent reply Snes and SquareEnix had many magical years of one masterpiece after the other, I wish Nintendo gets more companies over so we can get some awesome RPGs. Xenoblade Chronicles needs a HD release, and I will dwell in X for many months once I have it, and later Xenoblade C 2 will come. What is summer? What is sun? I dont know :D Keep up the good work, please release more FF related content and other rpgs, cheers from Sweden!
        • ShinyBigBoo parent reply :D THANK YOU!! Cheers! Hahaha!! Will do, friend. I would buy Xenoblade Chronicles on the Switch! I'll be watching Square Enix for hints on what they're doing. Thank you for the great feedback Amore!!
  • [ – ] Zelkia reply The background skit was pretty funny. Was it from Advent children? The footage, that is, not the dialogue. #FF7onSwitch, chumps.
  • [ – ] Wolfer reply Hah, you funny!
    • [ – ] Wolfer parent reply Case and Point :P
      • [ – ] ShinyBigBoo parent reply I don't mind a slight downgrade from brain-melting! :D the original didn't have any particle effects, either.
        • [ – ] Wolfer parent reply True, but I don't see Square Enix downgrading their major franchises that much....Dragon Quest Heroes is one thing...FF7 is whole nother situation...especially when it's call the HD REMAKE lol
          • [ – ] ShinyBigBoo parent reply Do you think Kingdom Hearts 3 is going to be on the Switch Wolfer?? Also awesome Greninja shirt in your 100 follower vid!! :D
            • Zelkia parent reply That would be AMAZING! Though, for any multiplatform games in likeliest to buy them on PS4 or when I get one, Xbox. I always want the best experience possible. Same goes for Sonic Forces and possibly Mania.
  • ShinyBigBoo reply I hope you find one soon!! It's very cool. It's the first hardware that has me excited in a very long time! I'm using this platform as a vent for my ectoplasmic enthusiasm.FFX was probably my 2nd fav after VII. I was a blitzball fiend!
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