Should YOUTUBER'S Be Considered As CELEBRITIES? Open Discussion

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  • duffy reply i would say yes. celebrity is in the eye of the beholder!
  • solarpete reply No iam not a celebrity but you can catch me at hypno alpha male skills. On vidme.
  • [ – ] beigeboy reply nope they aint they just think they are, youtubers change from what they started as to what they are now, they think they are these massive celebrity, if i seen a very big youtuber like lets say 15 mil subs, id be like oh hey dude i aint gonna be like holy shit its you omg ur amazing omg i love you, it just feeds there ego, ok rant over
    • [ – ] KennyMaximum parent reply I redid my original post because there's no edit button.
    • [ – ] KennyMaximum parent reply Why would you be like "omg" with ANY celebrity? What makes a good youtuber any less awesome than a traditional celebrity? Standard celebrities "change from what they started as to what they are now" as well, so I don't see a big difference. There are crappy youtubers AND crappy actors, makes no difference to me lol.
      • [ – ] beigeboy parent reply iv known people who grew alot on youtube, wen we were at the same subs but as soon as he gained alot of subs and views he dropped all his friends and changed who he was just another ali a copy now, dont really care from big to small youtubers people saying omg ur awesome i love you all the time feeds someone ego
        • [ – ] KennyMaximum parent reply I understand what you mean man, that just tells me they weren't genuine to begin with. I can guarantee you that would NEVER be me if my Youtube and Vidme channel blows up at some point.
          • [ – ] beigeboy parent reply yea it happends alot on youtube. iv found a small group of friends that i know aint like that so its all good
            • [ – ] KennyMaximum parent reply awesome, glad to hear it. Surrounding yourself with positive people that won't turn on you is always a good idea.
              • beigeboy parent reply very true, yea i just try to have fun now, i think befor it was all about getting subs and views but im over that now, i forgot why i started uploading,
  • BrianAiya reply not all Youtubers are celebrities just like not all actors are celebrities. You are a youtuber, but it doesn't make you a celebrity like Pewdiepie or Bethany Mota etc. there are 3 types of youtubers status: 1) those who upload as a hobby 2) those who upload and make enough to make it their livng 3) those who are mainstream aka celebrities like Pewdiepie, Zoella, or Casey Neistat. like @HashtagZoe said, if you know more popular youtubers than actors, that says a lot.
  • HashtagZoe reply I look at youtubers as celebs....i know more names of popular youtubers than i do actors.
  • Orcolom reply it is not because its a hobby, you cant be a celeb. If you would have asked this question 2 a 3 years ago it would be a no. But now internet personalities are getting in mainstream media/ news.
  • chaseisgame reply I think some can be considered as celebrities. However, I tons and tons of people who have never heard of even the top most YouTubers.
  • Fandomlife reply They are considered guests at pop culture conventions now. Which I find slightly odd.
  • CCornelius reply Universal affirmatives can only be partially converted
  • LYSERGICWORLD reply of course, whatever the medium if you become well known enough you become a celebrity, hopegully you wont think of yourself in that way should this happen to you.
  • Stationsquareml reply We enjoy making videos & do like to experiment with the various platforms.
  • theretrollectors reply A hobby for most. Like ourselves, but a job for others.
  • theretrollectors reply Thank you for your input. We all create content with the hopes that someone will watch it. But we never think of the impact that a person would hold you with such high regard.
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