Subnautica Part 5 Gameplay - Scanner Tool | Going to Lifepod 3!!

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  • DavidTheGamer reply Hey guys! just wanted to say thank you for all the upvotes 4 for a video is a lot to me so thank you a lot!
  • [ – ] AntixCinema reply This game looks beautiful, I'm going to have to watch from the beginning.
    • DavidTheGamer parent reply Oh its a beautiful game im playing maxed settings sometimes my frames do go down lol. Its a really great game! There will be more
  • DavidTheGamer reply Hey guys this is part 5 of subnautica! I needed to go to the life pod and see if anyone is alive! and I also need to make a scanner! If you guys like my videos make sure to upvote it helps me out a lot!
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