"Democratic Socialism" is just Socialism with a Family Friendly Label

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  • Perseus_Gold reply Free men are never equal and equal men are never free. Nothing sounds less family friendly by leftist standards as that which just goes to show you how rational the logic is.
  • AltRightNationalist reply Nature is fundamentally unequal.
  • SkogComplex reply Commies have a multitude of examples of communism being tried, and failing, but always say 'it's never been tried', without even having a clue what happened. These fucktards aren't even familiar with their own ideology's history. None of them have ever read anything beyond the pedestrian 'communist manifesto'. No Capital, no Engels, no Plakenov, none of it. And they can't discuss even a few communist regimes with anything of substance. As them about Mongolia under Tsendenbal, or N Korea under Kim Il Song, or Hoxha's Albania, Romania under Dej or Ceausescu, or Castro's Cuba, and ask about what went wrong there, and other than Cuba and NK they've never ever even heard of them, and can't say anything other than pamphlet propaganda about the ones they have heard of.
  • ABIGGUY4U reply Love your shit Styx, keep it up
  • andorios reply LOL Great Bernie impression!
  • ResistanceChicks777 reply info Wars is talking about WikiLeaks, Julian isn't exposing CIA spying first he is exposing personal property rights violations. If it's my TV they can't trespass and use electronics or electricity to touch my personal property. It's like a ghost "an unseen" entity has entered your home your neighbors' homes without consent. We give TB shows consent to enter through the TV. If they stepped right onto your property, without your consent and put in a listening device they have to trespass. They trespassed first in these cases but once it enters our home after we purchased it, it's ours they must remove their listening devices from my personal property. If they don't it's still trespassing on someone else's property. The same thing with smart electric meters or anything else that is "smart". What does a man do if an armed person comes on his land, he gets his gun out and shoots the invader. The CIA is an armed person or group of armed people coming on our property, our neighbors' proper...morety we must defend ourselves against armed intruders, invaders, trespassers. So we tell the government, CIA, NSA, Foreign government spy agencies, the pentagon, etc. and other companies remove your stuff or we will have you arrested for trespassing. Stop talking about spying, they're not going to stop or remove their long arm touching our personal property without threat of personal harm to each individual involved in trespassing illegally. Do something, call to arms. A people's civil action or even lawsuit or police action of the people against an invading government even if it's our own government employees trespassing. It is trespassing.
  • ReSweden reply I know it's a common misconception, but for the record I just wanna make it clear that Sweden (or any Scandinavian country for that matter) is NOT a socialist country and never have been. I'd summarize Sweden as a capitalist country with socialist ideals imposed on us. Watch news coverage from Sweden on MAY 1:st and you'll see what I mean.
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