Women Are Saying That Sexbots Aren’t The Answer To Feminism

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  • NeophyteNomad reply I'm just going to leaving this here: www.realbotix.com You're welcome :-)
  • Kiruna reply I wonder how many land whale companion bots who nag and smell bad will be sold.
  • John_Sheppard reply where there is a need it will be created and we need sex bots simple
  • survivalist reply Feminists will just vanish when the whole system collapses and life becomes a case of survival of the prepared and survival of those willing to do whatever it takes.
  • Kiruna reply men will have a closer bond with companion bot than with a woman. men having a satisfying alternative to sex, that men will no longer want women. it is a deep fear within woman, has been within them going far back into history. and for good reason.
  • branddino3 reply Upon the sex bot revolution land whales will begin to vanish along with feminazis for their broke asses wint be able to afford and maintain their own nor can they survive on their own the future financial crisis that may come +1 mgtow +1 men -1 feminaziz -1gynocentrism
  • AItiger reply SUCH PIECES OF SHIT!!!! So the advancement of technology made men strength obsolete, yet when men make a technology that can reproduce kids an act like a women obsolete, thats unfair? obsolete men, but not women?...Naah fuck that! MGTOW!!!!
  • AItiger reply https://www.tnp.ph/2017/05/22/groom-cancelled-wedding-seeing-footage-bride-going-wild-bachelorette-party/ This another reason why men should go MGTOWN, ITS NOT WORTH IT. Marriage is a Joke an so are MEN the way they treat or value us as disposable utilities. No mortality
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