More analysis of the Westminster Bridge Terror Hoax

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  • tazzym1 reply Thx paul. Dont for 1 minute think that muslim guys dont drink alcohol because they do. I've seen with my own eyes 1 arab guy dancing on a table wearing a guiness hat on St Patricks day drunk off his nut in Dubai, it was funny + he was having a great time. I travel to the U.A.E often so do get to see some sights + from my experience the muslim people on the whole are a nice bunch of folk, cheers
  • BigRedPill reply Have you seen this clip, where they take the supposed “injured” into the Mariot Hotel, instead of St. Thomas' Hospital (which is so close on the south side of the same road just a few metres away!) Some funny crisis actors here, and one who saw bus woman “flying through the air”! (try not to laugh too much) Lots of clear footage on the RT feed here. At 3 mins you can see bus woman being arranged. Amazing how they don't bother to take her out and do CPR or get her to emergency, nah, just leave her there for the cameras and put a blanket on her, LOL! A little humour at the police,“Super Cop”:
  • smallbrook reply Is this Latvian channel the original source of the absurd raw footage of the crisis actors on the bridge? It's also been visited by your Anti Troll impersonator. Or is it a mirror video?
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