"Mature gamers" crying over Good Mario Review Scores

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  • [ – ] Ms_K reply So glad u spoke on this,I get so sick of hearing that same line.if they aren't gonna play Mario games then don't play it and shut the f*ck up.I'm having fun and I play a plethora of games, always have ,always will...Great video!
    • [ – ] Gamer_Nick1 parent reply For real. We all understand that not everyone has an interest in the game, and that's fine. But why complain over and over about the game doing well if you don't have interest in it?
      • Ms_K parent reply Ikr,just a waste of energy they should be using that energy to invest in thier fav games or beat some games.
  • BONE_CRUSHER_GAMING reply I am so tired of the negativity in gaming... I personally don't have the time or patients to go around throwing NEGATIVE feed back on games. I myself will try a game before I make a decision not to play it. There are more important things to be mad about BUT games is not it.
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