UnSpun 032 – “Terence & Dennis McKenna: The Brotherhood of Screaming Nonsense”

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  • [ – ] CommieCrusher reply I don't understand how anyone takes these two seriously.
    • [ – ] GnosticMedia parent reply Their hyperbole is nauseating, isn't it?
      • CommieCrusher parent reply The machine elves stories are so stupid that no one I've showed them to could believe that Terence was anything above some random schizophrenic with a camera. How is he even famous? I don't understand how anyone would even stumble upon him, unless they go because of Joe Rogan, who promotes him on almost every single episode.
  • carlosmontoya reply I have a compact disc that was a first draft for a promo vid,where Matthew Kent says consuming Peyote will teach you ethics. Sounds just like T.Ms crap about learning from the mushrooms.
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