Both voting machines down in Brooklyn, NY

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  • anthonylewis reply I'm tired of the lies. The Republicans are determined to oppose the President ONLY because he's Black. It's that simple. And, I intend to do everything I can to see to it that they get FIRED for their racist resistance to upholding the truth. Quality government is possible when we have quality people running it. Right now, we don't have it. But, we will soon. Bernie Sanders is just the beginning. A Congress composed of progressive patriots is the prescription for what ails our nation. Nothing else will do. Nothing less will be acceptable. There is no compromise that any of the other competitors for the the White House have offered that will satisfy the requirement of a radical, peaceful revolution. The countless promises of incremental process improvements (that even when they were made were made to be broken), is what got us where we are now! Now is the acceptable time for wholesale process re-engineering. Now, is our last and only hope for long overdue leadership neccesary for the ...morepreservation of our disappearing Democracy. The rethuglicans AND $Hillary (notice how I just lumped them together), only care about themselves and NOT our country. They are interested in only one of two things: more money and more power (sometimes both). And, out of their greed (usually for both), they could care less about the death, pain, destruction and suffering endured by any one else on Earth. This is the hard choice we are all being called upon to make: Stand now or crawl forever. Stand united for what is real and what is right. Or, prepare for a disappointing existence everyday until the inevitable and excruciatingly painful death of our nation. This is the tragic choice and reality. Anyone alluding to anything else is lying to you and/or is misinformed (which is worse). In spite of how we've all been told repeatedly for the past several decades that we are stupid and should be afraid of the future; we are not stupid. Being called stupid doesn't make you stupid. We only become stupid when we DO fear the future. Who doesn't know that we ARE the future! We are the coming storm. #FeelTheBeen #NotMeUs #BernieOrBust #NoSHillary #ElectionFraud #Vets4Bernie #ReleaseTheTranscripts #NotForSale #Daeshbags #WriteBernieSandersIn #ITrustBernie #AnyBlueWontDo #BernieSaidItFirst #HillaryLiesMatter #NotMyAbuela #IWillProtectYou #DWSMustGo #BreakEmUp #WeAreTheStorm #HillaryForPrison2016 #CronyMediaSellout #StopEndlessWar #EndCorporateWelfare #EndForProfitPrisons #EndCitizensUnited #BernieMadeMeWhite #askaboutvotingrights #BernieMadeMeYoung #ToneDownForWhat #DemocraticSuperdelegateObstructionism
  • BeerdHead reply ALLIGATOR TEARS!
  • shveckle reply Hello Norman Finkelstein.
  • ahronzombi reply Do not do an affidavit vote, they are never counted call 347-379-4298 immediately do not leave your polling place until they let you cast a real vote. this is your responsibility.
  • gallagherfergal reply Hi, I'm with ABC News. Did you shoot this video? If so, can we use it on all ABC platforms and partners with credit to you? Please email me at
  • RobertStarling reply How did this happen ?
  • ragea reply this is unfortunate!
  • ErinAlexis reply Possible corruption with the voting polls...?!?! I'm shocked!!!!
  • SambaSchutte reply And George Bush wins again somehow!
  • adampapagan reply Looks like the voting machines in New York are taking after the subways.
  • flippo reply I blame Trump
  • evangreenberg reply It's Brooklyn guys, they weren't going to use that voting machine unless it was farm to table anyway
  • RobOReilly reply This is an anti-Bernie conspiracy
  • CamBrexler reply She is Hilary Clinton, and she denies this scandal.
  • AToltz reply If you vote this way, you get a handwritten sticker.
  • JoeMFCraig reply So my vote doesn't matter? WTF. We don't even get a chance to fight.
  • SackOs reply How are they supposed to vote!!? Oy!?
  • PEEZUSWORLDTOUR reply its like Y2K all over again except this might actually matter
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