Feminists Have Nothing Left to Complain About

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  • NothingPertains reply Omg I love your videos. I've only seen two lol but I completely agree with everything you've said so far.
  • InsaneObserver reply It's nice not to dig to find these videos like on YouTube
  • motorzard reply I want to see women co-op in a world where all men left planet earth to planet mars
  • jegas reply I hate how we are expected too know a persons sexual and identity before using words like him or her... If you guess wrong...they get mad....so to me.... You born a man...you are a biological male even if you cut your dick off... I will not start addressing people and learning their preference to talk...they can grow up and stop forcing their confusion on the rest of us.
  • Florella reply Censorship is an evil, it helps no-one but the people advocating in favour of it. I like it when men are masculine, please don't feminize. (masculinity =/= dickery)
  • Lomax0506 reply Feminism has jumped the shark.
  • gmgauthier reply Those problem glasses are MAGNIFICENT
  • Zelgius reply 'Teeth curling' in the extreme, we're doomed.
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