Barrenness being destroyed in JESUS!

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  • TracyMay_ reply Amen, the enemy wishes to stop creation, and he uses his ploys against us. Blessed Father protect the seed of mankind, and let it go forth and prosper as your word commands. Bless the fruit of the womb, I come against all evil spirit that wish to destroy the fruit of the womb. I bind them up and cast them down in the authority of the name of Jesus Christ I pray. I stand in agreement with my brothers prayers馃尮馃尮馃尮馃尮馃尮馃尮馃尮
  • 123-Proverb-Monkey reply barrenness1. [藞ber蓹n藢n蓹s] DEFINITION noun form of barren bar路ren2. [藞ber蓹n] ADJECTIVE 1. (of land) too poor to produce much or any vegetation. synonyms: unproductive 路 infertile 路 unfruitful 路 sterile 路 arid 路 desert antonyms: fertile 鈥 (of a tree or plant) not producing fruit or seed. 鈥 archaic (of a woman) unable to have children. synonyms: infertile 路 sterile 路 childless 路 infecund antonyms: fertile 鈥 (of a female animal) not pregnant or unable to become so. 鈥 showing no results or achievements; unproductive: "much of philosophy has been barren" 2. (of a place or building) bleak and lifeless: "the sports hall turned out to be a rather barren concrete building" 鈥 empty of meaning or value: "those young heads were stuffed with barren facts" synonyms: pointless 路 futile 路 worthless 路 profitless 路 valueless 路 unrewarding 路 purposeless 路 useless 路 vain 路 aimless 路 hollow 路 empty 路 vacuous 路 vapid antonyms: fruitful ...more (barren of) devoid of: "the room was barren of furniture" NOUN 1. NORTH AMERICAN (barrens) a barren tract or tracts of land: "crossing the barrens was no easy feat" ORIGIN Middle English: from Old French barhaine, of unknown origin.
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