The YouTube divide will divide us more.

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  • [ – ] ballardstatus reply It's very disappointing to see the lack of fighting for actual conversation. When Tulsi Gabbard and Rand Paul try to propose anything that actually is the will of the people they receive absolutely ZERO coverage.
  • [ – ] ballardstatus reply Seriously you are spot on. I'm finding in reality the libertarians, greens, and independents are being painted constantly as extreme right and left. when in reality they actually have a ton in common trying to fight the corrupt establishment.
  • adambradley518 reply Ppl will move to where they can argue, ppl like to argue, YouTube will die... Like MySpace, Geocities, etc. When you attempt to stop the bickering, yes you will appease a few on the very fringes, but you are shooting yourself in the foot.
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