My Opinion on Traveling

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  • AdrianRascon reply I love watching your videos here on Vidme!
  • [ – ] Watersurf reply For airplanes, I always sit near the window so I don't have to interact with that much people. Also, cause I don't get up when on the airplane lol.
  • sarah reply moving sidewalks really SHOULD be everywhere. oh and if you ever engage in conversation with a little kid, be prepared to talk to them until either you or the kid leaves x___x
  • utubereuploads reply Just fyi, I found you on here for the first time.
  • ThatGuyWhoCantSing reply "Don't do heroin." Sound advice. Perhaps even more important than wearing a seat belt.
  • Calibri_Funtimes reply "Smoke too much alcohol" XD Haha!!! I'm about to get into traveling stretch of my summer and this video came at a perfect time! lol Personally flying gives me crazy anxiety, but I love seeing new places and experiencing new things. The struggles.
  • MelanyMelodys reply luv your videos sooo much you are soo funny (n-n)
  • Dreyson reply Ah yes the struggle of smoking too much alcohol
  • LibertarianAz reply When people say "Progressive" on vidme ="Pass us the salt!"
  • OwlSensei reply I know a basic of Japanese sign language and English UK sign language, on a plane from Japan to Qatar airport, (I was also isle seat, isle seat FTW! Seriously! We can move and or toilet whenever we want with no boundary! Who hates that?!?) I sat next to a Japanese hearing man and his Japanese deaf friend (figured it out as obvious Japanese hearing man talking Japanese and signing JSL and Japanese deaf friend only signing JSL back) the hearing friend went to the toilet like 4 hours into our 8 hour flight and the drinks trolley came... she was asking him in English (out loud not even sign) what he wanted so he couldn't even lip read her... I wanted to sign "what do you drink?" but I was so socially awkward I froze and couldn't help at all... so for socially anxious folk... me too... I even thought "Hey! I can write a lengthy and excessive note in Japanese about how I know basic Japanese sign language and my mother is fluent in UK English sign language and I'm *insert Owl Sensei real name...more here* nice to meet you!" but after writing... couldn't hand over.. hearing friend returned.. I nodded politely and moved so he'd sit down in middle... a FML is a real thought here... we even had a delay in Qatar airport and had to sit/stand in carpark/plane park for 40 minutes... in my head I was like "Just sign 'Hi! Nice to meet you! I am *insert real name here* I know a little JSL" but nope... I awkwardly stand up, grab my hand luggage souvenirs for UK people after I get back to UK to friends... give them their hand luggage as if they were grenades.... stay silent, staring at deaf guy, to the extent I probably looked like a right A-hole and/or idiot staring at him... and I left as soon as we were in the parking to the airport terminal.... "FML" for a real life... Happy to know I'm not the only awkward person on planes ww
  • IdrawStickFigures reply WAIT YOU'RE ON VIDME OMFG
  • Fenrox_ reply Last time I was on a plane, I played the part of the super silent, awkward dude, which I do normally in real life anyways, except this time I was reading a copy of "A Clockwork Orange" just to add icing on the cake (fucking great read btw). I was on my way to Colorado... for obvious reasons. Also, moving sidewalks are awesome.
  • ZombieBacon247_Plays reply can we talk about how nerveracking planes are?
  • GigiASMR reply Wow that was wonderful!
  • Out_Of_Control reply expand (possible spam) Want To Check Out My Channel? Im Just Starting Out And Only Have 22 Followers, I Came Here From Youtube Where I Have 1K, And Would Love If You Would Check My Channel Out. I Make Vlogs, Comedy Sketches, And Tech Videos, So If Your Interested In Anything I Make, Drop An Upvote, And Give Me A Follow :)
  • TheDarkWall reply Why do I find the kawaiiness from these videos much greater than kizune ai's despite jaiden being animated a small step above a stick figure...
  • CoffeeCat reply Your comments on moving sidewalks... Have you ever read The Caves of Steel? (Isaac Asimov). It describes a society that does that very thing - moving sidewalks everywhere, with half a dozen sidewalks parallel to each other, and each parallel one you step onto is going faster than the one you just stepped off of. Funny how your comment about that made me remember a book I read so long ago... :o) (The link shows the cover of the original book published long before my time, but the picture shows all the sidewalks parallel to each other as described in the book: )
  • OutsideTheCircle reply Thanks for posting on here. I only need two more subs now and I can abandon my YT account. :D
  • Wyrmis reply in everyone one of your videos you look shocked or distressed lol
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