Chinese Super Ninjas - CYNICS VS. CINEMA

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  • [ – ] AveryChu reply The peasants should double upload on this site all the time and try to transfer their audience over here.
  • Poopspark reply Vidme ftw! Youtube is sjw land.
  • [ – ] DigitalHeretik reply Do you guys/gals think that T.J. & Paul, Paul, round as a ball have ever had sexual relations, or ever will?
    • TheMeekGeek parent reply hey... perhaps they had a skinny dip 4 some with their girlfriends in their luxury pool on a HOT SUMMER NIGHT?
  • Bisexual420Hex reply Its nice that I can watch it here.
  • TheMeekGeek reply T.J. and Paul! Please continue reviewing cheesy movies! You guys are delightful to watch! Cheers!
  • y0kai reply the entire purpose of this movie was just to show how much better than everyone else the main character is
  • Glych_Kirkgrim reply i know vidme isnt as polished as YouTube, but im starting to honestly prefer it. im so sick of YouTube's bullshit
  • TheMeekGeek reply micheldecoeyer... AMEN, Brother! ;)
  • TheMeekGeek reply I LOVE Old Cheesy Martial Arts Movies...
  • DigitalHeretik reply Maybe, the seemingly horrifying nature of this film and you twos apparent incomprehension of it is due to lost in translation + cultural differences/time?
  • TheMeekGeek reply Thank You T.J. and Paul for watching a wise-cracking this cheesy martial arts movie! I love it when you review Classic Cheese Cinema! Keep up the great work and continue to bring joy to our hearts! <3
  • Blade26 reply Will you post Samurai Cop on this page, or there is same copy rights problem in this site?
  • Kawaiicaust reply Praise the omnissiah and his boipucci
  • Kawaiicaust reply To round it up from a high school perspective, Tzeentch is the nerd who always plotting to get cool, Khorne is the big dick jock/ bully who doesn't like to have his sexuality challenged, which brings us to Slaneesh who Khorne hates since they always change their gender. Making Slaneesh that one trap goth you know. And Nurgle is that one nice, although kinda gross kid who is also overweight.
  • Kawaiicaust reply I could've seen it live but I wanted to masturbate.
  • screamityeah reply Do The Room and Troll 2 please
  • [ – ] Sergiroth reply I remember watching this live on YouTube. It was a fun ride. lol
  • buttahs reply Trog is kind of a mess. Just if y'all wanted to check it out. Glad to have this here to watch.
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