#YouTubePurge & the ADL: Book Burners of the Digital Age

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  • [ – ] cuckslayeryoutubereject reply I'll start watching on here from now on:)
  • [ – ] Texastom reply YOUTUBE the next MY SPACE of the internet.
  • [ – ] theindie360 reply Vid.me is awesome, if only my whole network was on here. I have started checking my Vid.me timeline before hitting youtube.
  • [ – ] tlamiczka reply Google's hysterical reaction to James Damore's memo and #YouTubePurge was the final lapse for me. I'll use YT as little as possible from now on. (unfortunately, it's still hard to abandon YT completely - too many great channels are still available only in Google's Censorship Camp) And this may sound vile but...I hope their platform will die out in following years. That they will hit their butts very hard after the fall from their self-righteous cloud in the sky - to set an example for others of what happens when you drift from cool platform for sharing information to fascist echo chamber. But I'm not sure if Google will be really hurt by all this bullcrap at the end - their stock price still wasn't affected too much and most people are just blindfolded...
    • [ – ] DataExplorer parent reply It is not just youtube, but also google. That is why I switched to Bing yesterday.
      • owgames parent reply I moved over to vidme because of YouTubes rigged system they practically keep the popular staying popular and keep the new guys at the bottom I've never really progressed on YouTube so I've moved here for some change
  • [ – ] AntiBlockStudios reply Rise mah people, RISE. For tahday ah speak the truth. Together we shall all join hands and take uh STAND against dictatorship this is the YOUTUBES. Stand mah people and help me, help US tah start a NEW era. An era of VIDME!✊
  • [ – ] SaadOliver reply Who else came here after Paul Joseph Watson quit and they just had enough
  • HandsomeMGTOW reply YouTube became CuckTube!
  • Carm3D reply If enough video creators leave Google causing a brain-drain and collectively decide to use Vid.me or another one, then Vid.Me could rapidly reap the rewards and it will no longer be a monopoly. I'm of the opinion that monopolies cannot remain monopolies if the people stop propping then up.
  • [ – ] abetterwest reply The market might fix this sooner than you think. Startup video services and search engines are drooling at this opportunity. This is a goldmine. Breaking the monopoly will bring the Internet into a new age of innovation and vigor.
  • eknine9 reply I've now left Youtube entirely and refuse to watch any videos on youtube anymore. No matter how much it inconveniences me, and no matter how much content I like that I will miss. Morals are more important than my convenience.
  • [ – ] SutrukOfElam reply ive been hearing bitchute is the new platform.....vidme will also censor eventually.....although i really like vid.me and wished they could be it.
    • [ – ] Politics_N_Games parent reply The problem with all video sharing platforms is that they have to obey countries' laws, or be taken down/blocked. The EU are likely to lead the way in terms of censorship.
      • [ – ] odell101 parent reply they would be dumb to go the way of youtube most of there user base on here are people that got screwed
        • SaadOliver parent reply GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!! No hate speech No videos that promote racism, bigotry, physical harm of any kind against any group or individual. Thats a rule lets remove it https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/no-to-blocking-the-right/launch
        • [ – ] Politics_N_Games parent reply My point is that Vidme might have no choice in the matter.
          • odell101 parent reply if they want to kill this platform and lose there rep as creator friendly its on them they won't be able to compete Twitter lost stock because of its echo chamber but there are way's around big brother like on face book if it goes viral then they can't shut it down
    • SaadOliver parent reply Wrong link https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/no-to-blocking-the-right?just_launched=true
  • [ – ] Hagelbocken reply Im currently in the process of moving as much of my activity to this site as possible before taking a blowtorch to my youtube/google accounts. thanks Blackpigeon for your great content
  • slinkman reply Migrated here from YouTube, let the wanking begin
  • Zadokniya reply looks like I'm making the right move in coming here
  • [ – ] Balkanian reply Let us hope that youtube will calm its sjw boner down
    • [ – ] Balkanian parent reply but probably not I wishyoutube would have more competition to crumble its monopoly
      • [ – ] odell101 parent reply SJW boner haha they my own the platform but they will end up driving the people who made youtube what it is out to other platforms and they along with google will lose there money because can't put add's on a dead platform controversy sells even if they calm down they already lost trust from the vewiers plus youtube is outdated 12 years is long enough time for new things
        • [ – ] Balkanian parent reply Hmm like in the communist countries?:)
          • odell101 parent reply pretty much some people are worryed that SJW idealoges own it all and we will just be out in the streets i would say that's the last thing they want but the internet is nothing like radio and tv it can never be controlled completely
  • ACCEPTTT reply Google, YouTube, Patreon Stasi nonsense
  • [ – ] kingdong71 reply Hey, I even had my business channel shut down with some bull excuse that my baby toys and pram product videos were in some way scam, spam or corporate deception! I appealed and they stock to their decision. WTF? I have liked a pjw post but isn't being a little petty lol. Well, they'll shoot themselves in the foot because demand is massive now for a replacement to YouTube and advertising commissions will dramatically fall for them too. Remember just how quickly MySpace fall off the radar?
  • notatheist reply I'm trying to stop using Google and YouTube. It's hard but I've switched to Firefox (great browser), duckduckgo for search, vid.Me for video content, and tutanota.com for email. I'm still using the G products by I'm slowly weening off them. Fuck you Google.
  • Sock_Puppet reply Don't worry, google will have a new owner once the court case is finished lol..
  • Truth0rDeath reply Communists hate free speech. They will become as uncool as myspace eventually. It's already begun. Generation Z will not forget this.
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