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Monsterology of the Abyss

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April 4 2017

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Infinite planes of chaotic evil madness? Sure, let's go! Here is a handy table for creating your own Abyssal realm. Roll d20 (or roll twice and combine the result) 1- Air-dominant—zero gravity, crags drifting through raging storms. 2- Ash—blowing dunes of ashes 3- Battleground—Blood War or other massive, brutal conflict 4- City—warrens and slums to citadels and palaces, teeming with demons 5- Earth-dominant—solid rock tunneled by the inhabitants 6- Fire-dominant—everburning flames with salamanders, etc. 7- Delusion—appears to be Normal but the flowers are poisonous or the trees attack 8- Desert—endless tracts of black, white, or red sand with no water 9- Glacier—infinite black, white, or orange ice with few rocky peaks breaking the surface 10- Hellscape—a burning mix of magma, rock, and belching brimstone 11- Maelstrom—swirling, bubbling chaos like Limbo 12- Mountainous—rocky crags, precipitous cliffs, soaring peaks 13- Negative-dominant—A void or bleak rocks floating in space 14- Normal—similar to a Prime plane with various nasty flora and fauna 15- Ocean—a trackless ocean, with a surface 16- Salt—crystalline badlands or desert 17- Sea—of acid, blood, garbage, insects, oil, or worms, etc. 18- Swamp—noisome bog inhabited by predators 19- Undead—specters, spooks, and ghosts in endless crypts 20- Water-dominant—nightmarish creatures in the bottomless murk

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