Rose-Play S12: E24: Let's Play Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Part 24

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  • [ – ] YungJ reply "welcome to episode 24...well I hope its 24" LOL veteran content creator I see 😉😂
    • [ – ] Aurian_MoonRose parent reply lmao I'm just glad it really was 24 ;) and yes tends to happen when you've recorded quite a lot of episodes. If it's not a mark of a veteran content creator I don't know what is XD
      • [ – ] YungJ parent reply Haha I've had to change titles of my videos before because I messed up on the episode number lol
        • Aurian_MoonRose parent reply A content creators greatest enemy... Confusion lmao. I can see that happening, I have to own up to my mistakes due to being streamed first and having Seasons and Episodes lol. Nothing wrong with looking a little more stupid then the orcs from time to time lol.
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