Misleading Words: "Anti fascists", "Patriot act", etc; Reality Manipulation

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  • [ – ] thoughtcrime1984 reply The manipulation of language and rhetorical twisting of terminology / framing of narrative has long held folk in check, but ever since the arrival of easy access to information and the availability of alternative perspectives online, the grip of the powers that be has been slipping. Even with the crackdowns and shutdowns and mind-control efforts of The Mainstream Media, it's too late. The cat is out of the bag, and no amount of Orwellian dicking around will change that. I welcome the erosion of trust in Authority. Bring it on!
  • [ – ] Driveling reply Third time listening to this particular video. The points here are some of the most important and constructive of any I've heard recently across all of the speakers I listen to, not just from among Styx' videos. There's some destructive perceptual distortion being inflicted on people drawn into the extreme ends of the political spectrum and it's less important we understand (most if not all of Styx' audience understands this already) than it is that they understand they're not "woke," they're puppets dancing to the tune of a false dichotomy.
    • [ – ] Platypus67 parent reply Human beings think in words and sentences which is the reason why these changes in meaning of words is so dangerous and destructive; if combined with 'group think' and 'echoe chambers' it becomes weaponized and if then directed at young easily influenced and vulnerable people it almost certainly has a devastating effect. This is the reason those leftist activists deliberately change the meanings of certain words.
  • [ – ] peacey reply I have LIVED as an example of combining false dichotomies into myself, simply to expose people to the idea. I call myself a punk-hippie. One doesn't expect somebody with purple hair and many visible tattoos to speak several languages and be politically aware. I know which fork to use at a 7 course, silver-platter-covered gala, and I know how to find shelter and food when homeless. Almost every person who meets me winds up admitting they are "pleasantly surprised" to find that I am nothing at all like the stereotype my outward appearance brought into their minds. We need more people like us, to show that what you think isn't always what is true.
    • [ – ] Platypus67 parent reply I didn't know i had a twin brother... People always struggle to put me in a box - which makes them uneasy and twitchy because they are forced to think outside of said boxes.
      • peacey parent reply Twin brother, twin sister, all the same to me (lol - I'm a non-offended chick). My trusted family are among those chosen. The others are simply people who share some genetics.
  • [ – ] DickDitty reply Would it be acceptable to call myself a "lemon-fresh constitutionalist"? 😁
  • Emmett6 reply Vidme has become pretty mobile friendly so it is a good alternative to YouTube
  • [ – ] DonaIdTrump reply Styx, it's time to move your entire channel to Vidme. Censored garbage like YouTube will die off. Only platforms free of censorship will stand!
    • [ – ] VybeyPantelonez parent reply No way. He needs to stay on yt. He's got a TON of followers on yt... i found him through yt a while back before it turned into the g00l4g. He reaches far more people with his sanity being on yt. That being said... i hardly ever use yt anymore because i want to build vidme and i love the format of the comments section here: i actually get responses and we can have conversations. I consider yt a monopoly and as a small govt constitutionalist type of gentleman id rather just build a competitor than cry to daddy gov to break them up. I just think its really sad and frankly quite frightening that yt is engaging in censorship and information manipulation. Very dystopian imo
      • [ – ] e46f0222 parent reply Indeed, the Youtube comment mechanism behaves in the most inscrutable ways. I often find it impossible to pick up a conversation even when I follow a link to a response. Vid.me works a lot better, from what I've seen so far.
    • macrox6 parent reply I'd say he not do that. The MORE vid sites he opens up to these. The better. The more exposure he get's and the more listen to him. Youtube is still top dog, and when it's inevitable fall arrives I wish Styx was still there. Cause all his accumulated fans switch to other platforms and the cycle continues.
  • phobes reply Fantastic video as usual Styx, very valid points! A couple things I would expand on/clarify: #1 - Antifa could very well be a pro Communist or pro Anarco-Communist movement, but it's most definitely NOT a pro Anarchy movement. #2 - An act of terrorism includes acts of violence with coercive intent. The acts of Antifa fit that bill, so they're quite literally a terrorist organization. #3 - Keep utilizing Twitter to convert people, but on platforms like vid.me give a gab.ai link, not Twitter! Just my 2 cents :)
  • StolenMoment reply My family is some surviving outlaw bikers, so FTW
  • kikkie2 reply like 10.2...from top or bottom?
  • [ – ] slimjimpui reply Lionel Nation said this of the term Net Neutrality
    • [ – ] Auceza parent reply But the term net neutraility wasn't created by the government.
      • slimjimpui parent reply Who created the term? and more importantly what are their motives? I'm not saying I necessarily agree with Lionel but a healthy suspicion of any term that has such persuasive effects should be encouraged
      • StolenMoment parent reply net neutrality was plagiarized from a comment written on the wall in the center stall of the women's restroom at a JimBoy Taco joint. Rocklin CA.
  • Cyriu reply I do agree with the statement that Antifa is a pro-Communist or Anarchist ideology.
  • marugarden reply "Honest Abe"
  • TravisHund reply "The Protect You From Facsists On The Internet Act". Just trust us.. we have your best interest, we promise it's not censorship of you good people.
  • Thurisaz17 reply Less Anti-Fascism and more Pro-Violence.
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