Speculation: Is Youtube Censoring/Gaming Comments?

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  • VybeyPantelonez reply @cotoism interesting!!! Makes sense. But that doesnt explain why all the gas the jews comments make it to the top. If they were censoring based on offensiveness the algorithm is way off. Thanks for listening man!
  • Cotoism reply Is YouTube censoring comments? Yes, I've verified it numerous times. Perfectly good comments are ghosted, good comments that don't get ghosted get buried. It's one of the many reasons I just stopped commenting on YouTube. Not worth the trouble to write up a nice comment just to have nobody read it. There seems to be a mix of bugs and an agenda. The comment related bugs are numerous and many have been around over a year now. Instead of fixing them, Google leaves them and adds "new features" which breaks new things. The agenda seems to be "pacify the advertisers". The advertisers don't like certain topics, so comments covering such topics (and some innocent comments just mentioning those topics) get ghosted or "marked as spam" and hidden from view. The poster of the comment usually never knows. Their only clue is that nobody ever responds. A quick check after posting a comment can show you if it's ghosted. Just open a private browsing window (incognito in Chrome) and go to the video abou...moret a few minutes after posting the comment, sort comments by newest if it's a top level comment and if it's not there, it's probably ghosted. It's harder to find and verify a reply was posted.
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