Nintendo Switch: Can the Switch Succeed?

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  • IAmMute reply Fantastic video. Thank-you.
  • Tryo-The-Pyro reply Vidme needs timestamps. Also good video making!
  • RubyBlack reply I'm so hyped for the switch!
  • benni9933 reply Great Video!
  • Revoladin reply I love the fact your style is like otacons avatar sprite in MGS2 ;)
  • Aidan_Miziolek reply Awesome video man :)
  • Foxarocious reply Their showing on Jimmy Fallon looked promising. They just have to have a great launch lineup and appropriate marketing.
  • Lummo reply I really enjoy your content :) I just found your Vidme. keep it up.
  • [ – ] BlackbirdFrost reply Great video, but I would respectfully offer a different opinion. Regardless of what Nintendo wants their console to be, it's ultimately up to the consumers and third-party developers what it will become. We haven't heard much about the NX's hardware. First and foremost it has to have the power to attract third party developers to it. If the system lacks the capability to support developers' visions for future games, they WILL abandon ship and the system WILL fail. Nintendo can't successfully support a console on their own, the Wii-U is living proof of this. Tablets are like PCs. They're multi-purpose devices that are capable of gaming. They will sell units regardless of whether the games are good because games are just one of the many benefits they offer. Nintendo is in the business of designing hardware specifically for gaming. As a one-trick-pony, that trick has to be a damn good one for it to sustain them. If it's forced, as Nintendo has done over the last two generations by REQUIRI...moreNG developers make use of their console's special features, it starts to feel gimmicky, and consumers quickly pick up on that. With the Wii, they tried to force motion controls, something which should've been a fun addition rather than an upheaval of everything we've come to know and love, onto the population. It was their vision to have motion controls completely change the way everyone played games, but that wasn't what the consumer wanted, and (despite being a financial success) they lost a lot of fans over it. I just hope they've learned from those past mistakes. Nintendo is a very stubborn company, but they haven't survived over 120 years by NOT adapting. I just hope the people presently in charge can come to that same realization.
    • [ – ] jackthegamer parent reply well i think they do ! they sure do want to get back in but in a different way, do you remember the phylosophie of lateral thinking with withered technology ? that how it worked for nintendo since a good moment and to be honest, i prefer to trust them than sony and microsoft as they both have the issues of letting pretty buggy and downright unwanted games in their console !
      • [ – ] BlackbirdFrost parent reply I definitely give Nintendo all the praise they deserve for trying new things, don't get me wrong.. I just don't think throwing the baby out with the bath water is the wisest idea. Nintendo did single-handedly save the gaming industry after Atari's collapse. They've shown the will to break free of their stubbornness when it works against them with the release of their batch of mobile device apps. They swore they'd never do such a thing and yet it's been hugely profitable for them. Even ideas that have worked in the past don't always keep working forever.
        • jackthegamer parent reply yeah they did save it at one point but that is a second time this time, with how much sony and microsoft are getting more trouble with their pc-wannabe consoles they aren't going nowhere that way and its true, not all ideas can work forever but at the same time, look at their attempt with the n64 and gamecube, strong powerfull console but plague with a bad format choice as well as lacking in decent games ! but i do know that sometime, you need to kick a notch up with the power of a console but you got to give something mroe than just power ! good games that show what the console is capable of ! plus come on, portable home console look like the future for console ! you can't deny the idea been a far better one than competing with pc !
  • DemonioBlanco reply will always have my doubts until we see the thing in real action, not in a controled envarioment,
  • LeviSama reply Honestly you make great content, just make the animations a little smoother and it would be REALLY high quality
  • ActionPoints reply @Lunmo @Aidan_Miziolek @benni9933 Thanks @Revoladin Thanks! I really liked that part and felt it was pretty unique.
  • [ – ] Cheatyhotbeef reply It's Nintendo, they have infinite money and the most family friendly gaming content :(
  • Bobbert_Salmen reply I do think the nintendo switch will do just fine, there's no doubt of it failing.
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