Get To Know Your Vidme Content Creator + 50 Follower Q & A

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  • [ – ] StormStrikerSX9 reply I'm with you on that i'm a nobody as well i only have 37 Followers right now. But we will grow more
    • MegaRetroMan parent reply I'm at that mind set of I'm a "nobody" that deserves to be a somebody. I think everyone should have that goal, as long as it doesn't turn into full ego. A little bit of ego is fine, but shouldn't be overpowering.
  • [ – ] StormStrikerSX9 reply I make my own Layouts that you have seen in my Videos Thumbnails as well, I make Banners and Icons as well as you see i just put up a New Banner just Yesterday, it took me like 3 hours to make
  • StormStrikerSX9 reply I know you now myself and I'm a Vidme Creator too. Approaching 50 Followers myself I'm at 37 right now
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