I Would Rather Be Poor & Humane Than Rich & Insane

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  • Brenniman65 reply If the Hollywood luciferian cult so called "celebrities" want to go silent, they will be doing us all a favor. Good riddance to them and their satanic rituals and garbage. They will take care of the problem FOR us by getting the hell off of the television and radio waves and going back to hell to where they belong!
  • [ – ] OttieSue reply Hi Natasha! So many people switching over here.
    • NatashaV parent reply yes this is growing so fast, it's way better than youtube, I love it here, and so glad I got told about it
  • [ – ] lab_rat_hoax reply i love this title and the message. when the people lead, the leaders will follow. what i don't get is that so many people are into escapism, the imaginary struggle between good and evil in our dimension, but they totally block out, deny, "does not compute" the REAL thing. pretty frustrating
    • NatashaV parent reply Don't worry they have lost all credibility and their struggle now is a losing game, we have spoken and are the majority and they are going to have to fall in line or be left out
  • Brenniman65 reply Well said Natasha! Together, as a untied people, we can take back our world one victory at a time. Keep up the great work!
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