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Thunder Dragon - Theme of Ryu & Ken (Street Fighter II V) - Guitar Pro 6 Cover

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September 9 2017

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Time for another anime song cover (this is not a video game song cover as Street Fighter II V is an anime). This is a symphonic metal cover of "Theme of Ryu & Ken" (リュウ&ケンのテーマ, Ryū & Ken no Tēma; also known as the "Hadōken Theme" by fans)" by Masahiro Kawasaki from the Street Fighter II V anime (pronounced "Two Vee" or Street Fighter II Victory, NOT "Two Five") and the Street Fighter II V Original Soundtrack. This song cover actually took me only two days (well, less than 24 hours, actually!) to compose this symphonic metal cover in Guitar Pro 6, making it the shortest cover I composed. However, video editing this was painful. The animated GIFs I used in this video are the character sprites of Ryu (left) and Ken (right) from Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The characters in the Street Fighter II V anime, however, have a slightly different character design. In the anime, Ryu has spiky hair, a blue pearl bracelot on his left hand, and no bandana, but he does change his outfit pending where he's at. In the anime, Ken Masters has orange hair (or should I call it "red" hair?) instead of blonde hair but there isn't really anything else different about him in the anime than in the video games other than his hair color. The video game sprites I used were the reason why it took me two days to edit this video and I edited this in Premiere Pro. Why couldn't Premiere Pro have simple GIF loops? Though, even though it was time consuming, that did help me keep the sprites in sync with the music when they go off course. Yes, that's right. I synced the beat of their motion to the tempo of my song cover, bouncing on every eighth note (the song cover is 82 bpm while the original song is 81.9 bpm). xD And then scaling them up on bass drums and cymbals except in the outro (as well as fading them in and out as the guitars fade in or out and I had to calculate the opacity on every loop going to go from 0% to 100% and vice-versa like I did increments of 12.5% or 6.25%, which took so long to edit the their fading). Speaking of the outro, I decided to throw in an animated sprite of Ryu and Ken shooting Hadōken at each other. Well, this is the "Hadōken Theme" in the anime. xD And speaking of that, I was going to trace an image of Ryu's Hadōken setup and Ken's Hadō-Shoryuken setup from the anime and add them in during the Strings Ensemble sections, but I didn't want to waste any more time and decided to upload this now as it is. The video editing already took me way more time than I should. After this cover, I'm planning on remastering some of my older covers as I hated how my older covers (the two Digimon ones and RCT Medley) had their two rhythm guitars "mono" due to having the same sound so I'm going to be updating those covers as new tracks after this cover. May take a while. Sources of these sprites: SSF2 Turbo HD Remix Ryu & Ken sprites: /redirect?event=video_description&redir_token=sysLlCY1veVfGlPsb52OfmXE9Al8MTUwNjM5MTc1MEAxNTA2MzA1MzUw& (I modified these sprites in Photoshop to slightly changing the frame rate in the few frames and placed made the crouch frame first to go along with the beat of the cover) Ryu & Ken Hadōken sprite: /redirect?event=video_description&redir_token=sysLlCY1veVfGlPsb52OfmXE9Al8MTUwNjM5MTc1MEAxNTA2MzA1MzUw& Font I used for the text ("Theme of Ryu + Ken", "Guitar Pro 6 Cover" and outro) is the Shoryuken font by Joseph M. Pence: /redirect?event=video_description&redir_token=sysLlCY1veVfGlPsb52OfmXE9Al8MTUwNjM5MTc1MEAxNTA2MzA1MzUw& I used "+" instead of "&" in the album art since the font replaced "&" with "2P". Information about the Street Fighter II V Original Soundtrack (by Masahiro Kawasaki): Song: "Theme of Ryu & Ken (Street Fighter II V) - Guitar Pro 6 Cover" Artist: Thunder Dragon Album: TD TV Covers Track #: 4 Year: 2016 Genre: Instrumental Metal Created in: Guitar Pro 6 Download MP3 and/or Guitar Tabs: • MP3 only: /redirect?event=video_description&redir_token=sysLlCY1veVfGlPsb52OfmXE9Al8MTUwNjM5MTc1MEAxNTA2MzA1MzUw& • MP3 + Tabs: /redirect?event=video_description&redir_token=sysLlCY1veVfGlPsb52OfmXE9Al8MTUwNjM5MTc1MEAxNTA2MzA1MzUw& Update log: • December 8, 2016 (12:24 p.m. EST): Added album art to the MP3 (both standalone and with tabs). HOW DID I FORGET TO RE-ADD THE ALBUM ART IN MY LATEST REVISION BEFORE UPLOAD?!?!?! Copyright • Cover: Thunder Dragon Productions • Original song: Masahiro Kawasaki • License Status: Unlicensed - I'm not actually not authorized to make this song cover... yet... (I only made this for fun.) The original artist or record label has the right to claim my song cover or video if they wish unless if I get my cover properly licensed. I apologize for not asking permission to publish this song cover but if you, the author, are fine with it, thank you, I appreciate it.

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