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  • BelladonnaNightshade reply This is absolutely amazing work! I love this so much!!! 🀘
  • [ – ] astraleyes reply Hey! Thanks so much for the banner! I'd tip you more if we were actually getting some better sales, but believe me, very much appreciated!!!
  • RobGCarey reply geile Arbeit. :)
  • [ – ] Dragoninkmusic reply just a thought too, you should totally add "banner created by @Charkk" and send us a new link, that way your getting constant promotion whenever someone looks at our channel. You put in a lot of effort without even being asked and we feel you should be rewarded properly
  • [ – ] Dragoninkmusic reply Thankyou so so much dude the banner is epic! we absolutely love it quick question, how do we pronounce your channel name? totally gonna do a special shoutout video for this!
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