Gray State - Official Concept Trailer

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  • Cellblock776 reply I was kind of looking forward to this. Sure it would have been pure dystopian fantasy but sometimes we need that to just sit back and wallow in for a couple of hours. would it ever happen the way the film would have portrayed? Well, the whole branding on the arm and stuff like that was presented on purpose as an exaggerated version of what is already taking place. We know that alphabet agencies are recording our emails and our smart TVs and internet interfaces are listening to everything said in our homes and storing that data. We have seen FEMA/DHS plans leaked out that detail plans for marshal law and crack downs on groups they label as dissidents. Sadly the guy behind the project, depending on what you believe, A-killed his family and himself or B-was taken out by "the powers that be to keep his movie from being made". So his story is not going to happen and we lost some potentially decent low budget popcorn propaganda.
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