Joy Sparkle BS Metro Ford Dealership Meltdown 5/20/17 Kati Smith Kati Marie Smith

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  • TheCandidCount reply She has anger management issues and a god complex. Why is she always "livid," or out to teach someone a hard lesson? Girl needs to chill the fuck out.
  • JustCallMeMister reply Reminder that this is the same person who made over 50 videos on the DaddyOFive situation lmao
  • jaystarr reply Shes fully insane
  • ErrorFairy reply Oh she's doing a fucking expose on this specific dealership now? huh....
  • ErrorFairy reply She has 17,000$ for a car?! But she always refused to join patreon when she first began I'd offer her a REFFERAL LINK and she'd refuse until she now recently joined patreon on her own n NOW it's ok I wow I just found out she actually made one after "fighting" against it for so long is just fucking weird ... oh wait special spaces her lil scam charity didnt make enough though...expecially after they knew She was the one running that shambles of a website, thank god I captured her saying that before she started deleted and I think that might be why she started deleting or not archiving videos... Nothing with her is adding up anymore and she's just a walking contradiction now, I never know what to think, except something just isn't right about all of it. Anyone who donated I feel bad for, she's as bad as onision apparently..
  • poguemahone1031 reply "I'm entitled! I'm angry! Here's video of my ugly, entitled, angry face! Ree!" - Joy will make your dishes Sparkle
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