BBC Journalist Claims that Anime and Manga Promote Pedophilia

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  • bane reply Hehe :^) tbh honest they aren't 100% wrong
  • DarkGodsLairGames reply Well, it is the BBC. Not much we can do about them. They got themselves into politics and I think that broke their neck. I honestly think we need to get people out there to be much more open about sexuality in general. Because I honestly think pedophilia is a result of repressed and restricted sexual desires, which are caged in (maybe at childhood?). When people stop other people to experience and experiment with sexuality, it will probably lead to damaging side effects, which will affect life in general. We are a biological machine driven by hormones and partly relying on instincts. Dealing with this stuff is the right way to go. Even if sexuality is discussed more open nowadays, it is still a taboo. This has nothing to do with manga and anime. This discussion is centuries old. Look at advertisements or anything other. Anime and manga will not change anything about that fact. Sex sells :).
  • WebNoob reply This is a whole new level of stupid.
  • KayakuKaiju reply Know what the beeb likes a lot that ACTUALLY promotes pedophilia? Islam. In the part of the hadith where Mohammed rapes a 9 year old girl, specifically.
  • WesternOtaku reply I've been an anime fan for almost seventeen years. I met my wife on an anime community forum, and I plan on watching Girls un Panzer within her as soon as we finish, Maid-Sama. I think this reporter is not only ignorant, but morbidly out of touch with modern popular culture. I truly feel sorry for people who have nothing better to do with their time but reenact the Salem Witch Trials. I can't wait for the day that this generation's nerds and geeks become the law makers of tomorrow. Maybe then we'll get some honest to god long-needed perspective.
  • SamEarl13 reply People sure love saying stuff promotes something bad to get views or whatever they're after. First it was videogames causing violence, then it was Pokemon apparently promoting animal fighting and now anime is supposed to turn people into pedophiles (and that's only a few examples). I do get some anime have 'fanservice' for characters that are far too young (e.g. loli's) but to go as far as to say the entire genre actively promotes pedophilia is just stupid.
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