My Honest Reaction To Trump's New Travel Ban | Jamie Leigh Fischer

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  • TrooperTru reply [in response to your claim of Islam being "a religion of hate"...] The late great Muhammad Ali would be extremely hurt/saddened to hear you say that!! I agree with Mr. Ali; Islam is NOT a religion of hate! It was those "Islamic jihadists" who have tarnished the good name of Islam! I'll say again: NOT EVERY MUSLIM IS A MOTHERFUCKING TERRORIST!!! MUHAMMAD ALI WAS CERTAINLY NOT A TERRORIST! And may God have mercy on ANYONE who thinks otherwise!!!
  • TrooperTru reply [in response to "Iraq is the first country you think of when it comes to terrorism..."] [face turning red] I have an elderly female co-worker who was BORN in Iraq. She was BY NO MEANS a fan/follower of Saddam Hussein! But since she is originally from Iraq, does THAT make her a terrorist?!? I DO NOT THINK SO!!!!!
  • TrooperTru reply [in response to "...answer to these old bats..."] Honey, were you not taught to respect your elders???
  • TrooperTru reply [in response to "The bad would rush into our country..."] So... ALL Muslims are bad?!?!?!?? Even those that I work with? If I were a Muslim, would you say I'm bad too??????
  • TrooperTru reply [after hearing "this is not a Muslim ban" and something about "targeting Muslims"] To borrow a quote from you: What in the actual fuck?!? So you're saying that ALL Muslims (including those who are NOT TERRORISTS) will be under intense scrutiny?!? Well, you'll forgive me if I think that is 100%, Grade-A, money-back-guarantee... BULLSHIT!!!
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