I'm no longer joining Vidbit Future | Mr. A.T.

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  • [ – ] Lawborn reply I didn't even know Vidbit Future existed until I watched your video. Now that I have I won't be opening a channel there. Looks like a troll cave to me.
    • RobbieRotten parent reply They're having a talk with them. Not long before the trolls will disappear
    • KnotSnappy parent reply Mr AT is back on VBF, it just seemed to the staff like he was viewbotting and everyone freaked out. It's not really a troll cave, it's just the section of the Alt site community that went over there (including myself) initially happened to be toxic and troll like. It can't fix itself, new people have to join and gain views and populate the site :) BTW I dont work for VBF
  • MrRonlivingstone reply I've never been to vidbit future, but I feel you too dude, I'm sorry about what happend
  • [ – ] TrooperTru reply So are you closing your account on VBF?
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