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  • delmac1982 reply Know what's that's like i started doing daily videos last month then they announced the news about the add revenue stuff, but think am going to keep both on the go as you said it's not about the money, Yes i do like creating videos only reason i have monetise my YouTube content and added subscriptions on this is to put money away for my daughter Baby AJ who will be 2 in August​
  • j7409skynews reply Hi Grizzly You really told the truth about YT. Samething happened to me. Take care and Best Of Luck..Peace and Love..J
  • JustABloke reply I still have and support favorites on YouTube, I was kind of shocked when @Barbara4u2c and @bearing came over here all on there own. Now if only the other 48 come over there is no reason for me to ever go back to that platform. But I will never pressure anyone to do so, they still seem happy on YouTube. I would like to add, if you never came to Vidme I doubt I would've ever come across your YouTube channel.
  • [ – ] AnimeReviews reply I did that video on my own channel, I left because the community on YouTube, and I've been doing fantastic here on Vidme.
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