Yuri On Ice Review

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  • [ – ] BigBossJelly reply I was kinda hoping you'd say it's bad just so I didn't have to add another anime to my list haha. This one has been getting talked about a lot at my college, and going off your impressions I think I'm going to have to eventually check it out.
    • [ – ] MissMulti parent reply Haha i know what you mean, there are so many anime i want to watch aswell! If you get around to it i hope you enjoy it :-) good thing is, it's only 12 episodes so it won't take that long :P
      • [ – ] BigBossJelly parent reply 12 episodes honestly seems very manageable (especially compared to what I'm used to). I'm sure I'll enjoy it regardless, the anime has to be really bad for me not to get any sort of enjoyment out of it. I'll check it out as soon as I finish catching up on Haikyu!! and One Piece :D Keep up the reviews! They're very entertaining.
        • [ – ] MissMulti parent reply Yeah 12 episodes is nothing compared to One piece i actually just finished watching One Piece so i am waiting for the weekly releases.. no more binge watching :( It took me years to get there lol. Worth it. I also want to watch Haikyu heard good things :-) Thanks for watching glad you enjoyed it :D I am actually working on a video for One Piece next so it's not a review as such but i will be doing more reviews soon too.
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