Degenerates at the summer solstice in Stonehenge.

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  • WhiteWolf2412 reply Given that we know close to nothing about actual Druid teachings and practices, posturing like this really sores the eye LOL. Much like ''inclusive'' and ''egalitarian'' so called Heathens against hate . ugh so no wonder about timbuktu drummers and ''druid rollo'' present . Most of so called Pagans are such a disgrace. Liked your commentaries .. Slava !
  • Thornack reply and lot of people (most of all very very vague like these guy's) think that it is really spiritual and act like a bunch of non functional autist on LSD ........
  • Thornack reply this is indeed sad, this is also what i mean with the pagan hippie's I hate so much..... this is representative for paganism for the outside..... here is a festival, called castle fest, and this are the kind of people that dominate the festival.
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