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  • ZeroBudgetProductions reply Check out one of the original anime series ... Starblazers (AKA Space Battleship Yamato), one of the pioneers of the genre
  • [ – ] JannaJonna reply I was expecting more not so popular -series :/ Those are good series but wished to find something that I have never heard of. Ps. hopefully other videos have better audio so that this would be more pleasant to listen :)
    • [ – ] JannaJonna parent reply But don't get me wrong, this was good video!
      • brittanychenteale parent reply On youtube the audio sounds a lot better, it does sound muddled on here. I'm not sure why that is lol. But yea, I don't watch many anime, I mostly only read manga. So my anime knowledge is limited, but this was a highly requested video on my twitter! 🤗
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