Kid Likes Gun on Instagram, Gets Suspended | 2A Today

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  • Vegasbob reply By the time I was in the 7th grade, I was rifle and shotgun certified by the Boy Scouts and had a real life bolt action .22 of my very own. 37 years later, I've yet to shoot anyone and have no plans to do so. I was however one of a hand full of 12 year olds who was never going to be injured or killed by an "accidental" discharge
  • [ – ] madel_schmadel reply 100% illegal what that taxpayer-funded school did and if the parents of both victims of this viewpoint-based discriminatory overreach don't drag this school's rear into court, they get the totalitarian regime they deserve. What's next? "We saw you take your child to church Sunday - this triggers some of our students and teaches values we personally disagree with, so your child is suspended." Time to cause some serious pain in this school's wallet - they need to be made an example of because apparently the mountains of case law already establishing that the school is in the wrong hasn't reached them.
    • freerangehobo parent reply Yeah. I sense there is cowering by the parents whose voice is barely heard over the chatter of the media. How have we come to this? It all started when parents allowed the government to take control of the children. We have no control anymore. The court system may be all that's left for parents to fight this insidious structure, but too many times we've seen the courts favor the liberal agenda. There are so many layers of corruption in our government, it will take a revolutionary act to end all of it.
  • freerangehobo reply Home schooling is a must. These institutions are being used to socially engineer our kids under the guise of "education ". The parents need to take their kids to a shooting range and detox their little minds
  • wolfalexzemla reply Its a wonder they have time for education anymore. If test scores drop we can just throw money at the liberal problem.
  • CiliRat reply The Insanity grows!
  • wolfalexzemla reply I hope you do a video whole or part on erdogan and the protester battle
  • wolfalexzemla reply When I was in school we had a chess club and a gun club. We shot shotguns behind the parking lot of the school.
  • MaitreMarkScully reply they need to introduce some bullying programs to toughen the kids up!
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