Steve Shives blocked me on Patreon for 'bullying and harassment'!

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  • RoboLynx reply So according to Steve Shill here it's not okay when our guy does it but it's okay when his guy does it. Does he even listen to himself?
  • Crazy_Cat_Gentleman reply Oh Bearing didn't you know; saying "Hello" in IRL is rape, saying anything online is bullying.
  • FinPatriot reply "Bullying", lol!
  • Boodang reply What is this? A whining video by some victim? And you want money to support whatever your message is with all the "hip" now totally bland video tricks to make anyone think you're "edgy?" Who cares what someone "dd to you." Make a video about it and whine for praise, sympathy or approval from others. This is playpen stuff, dude. Childish.
  • BackSoon reply WTF?? I don't understand how any of that could of been bullying. It's crazy but could it be a mistake? Anyway, hey you're "bearing"! So cool to see you over here on Vidme. Feel free to check out my channel, and I don't use Patreon so you won't have to deal with that. Thanks! Wink
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