E3 2017 Preview

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  • [ – ] ShinyBigBoo reply Nintendo's biggest #E3 in soooo long!!! >:D I hope they reveal an amazing Virtual Console and online program!! ARMS really has had me excited since January! I think they'll reveal some ARMS amiibo at #E3 - and Pokemon Stars for 2DSXL - bundled!! >:D I'D LOVE to see some new Sony hardware. Who cares what it is. It'd put Microsoft in a position where they NEED to innovate. What a time to be a nerd!!! >:DDD
    • Studio41Gaming parent reply the problem is that sony would be screwing their fans who are still buying the hell out of the ps4, and it could end up driving consumer confidence down like back in the early 80s
  • devbyrd1 reply Will E3 be great or a disaster? Find out on the next episode of... (user terminated)
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