Starbucks, Dead Unicorns, and Crème.

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  • [ – ] iJimUK reply Hey Bob, my brother from a different mother, few points 1: That blond in Starbucks, sorry dude, but no, he is not flirting with you, he is doing his job it's customer service, well except for the crotch rubbing bit, maybe he wants to... no, never mind. 2: A Grande is a medium? What a rip off, I bought a pack of Grande coffee for my Tassimo thinking it would fill my mug 3: if an Italian walks into a Starbucks would he in reality just say "yeah, just give me a medium coffee with cream" Creme 4:You sir are as random as a box of frogs, I love it! 5: Very kind of you to shout out Daniel. Excellent job. 6: Well done on not talking about him. 7: I want a coffee now.
    • Bobtoronto parent reply Thanks Jim. Excellent comment as always. I particularly like that I'm as 'random as a box of frogs'. That made me laaaaugh!
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