Delphaneux laCroix

  • Delphaneux parent Yeah, I'll wager that the communities that thrive and prosper are the ones that have come from thriving and prosperous cultures. I'll wager the bulldozing candidates are made up of people from cultures that are also shit heaps.
  • Delphaneux I was born and raised in Auckland, New Zealand. Currently as of typing this ranked the 4th least affordable city to build a house (Behind Hong Kong, Sydney & Vancouver) I managed to buy my own house on a modest paycheck with this 1 simple trick: Move the fuck out of the city! Moved 90 minutes south by car to a smaller city and easily got a very nice house in the most desirable part of the city. If these cities are going to become 'playgrounds of the rich' then fine. Let it happen and watch as the rich throw more and more of their cash away on the myriad of maintenance fees and charges that having property in these places demands. Everyone else will move away, which will force business to move away if they want staff and so the desirability of these cities will fall too. Sure it might take a generation or 2 for it to happen, but ask yourself: "Do I really NEED to live here?" You probably don't.
  • Delphaneux Fuck your laws... those same laws that prevent a person from beating the ever living snot out of her to get your property back.
  • Delphaneux Well that just happened... In a lot of ways I am glad that I don't use DA anymore. I am safe from the avalanche of this... whatever the hell this stuff is.