Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V - How NOT to do an Opening

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  • DrCreeos reply Hey I'm Rata and this is my mother's basement
  • [ – ] Pordon reply Like I've said before, I get the very strong feeling that the series was planned out to be a lot longer, but the higher-ups forced the writers to cut it short.
    • blazedu parent reply that is exactly what i feel too. Just the size of the synchro arc shows you they were planning the same length for the other 2 dimensions. I liked the synchro arc a lot and wish the XYZ arc would last a lot more, fleshing out the academia envoys, especially edo and in the final academia invasion arc i wish, while keeping the BB arc (which despite the hate i enjoyed it a lot), they could have expanded on the parasite doctor and his creepy experiments, at least 1 duel for ruri and rin after they've been snapped out of the brainwash and most importantly more yuri vs yugo. The way edo and kaito were bitch-slapped by yuri was such a whiplash. No worthy XYZ final boss, leo, the whole reason this series could exist went out like a bitch and in the very end the goal of our main character was to make a fucking baby smile. This series went from such a great start, with a lot of characters developed, to rushing everything past the synchro arc.
  • JohnWhitty12 reply That intro has Bipolar disorder.
  • nick2il reply I afraid that they created this opening before even they written the story fully that's why this opening is a mess. If you can say that ending even writing. Because it feels like improvisation on the place. Zarc was horrible vilian. The whole stuck inside of Reira was utterly stupid 😣
  • MyAbsurdum reply Basically the last OP tells us "We don't know what we're doing lol"
  • blazedu reply I would like to know your opinion on the use of stupid game changing gimmicks on the anime like riding duels and action cards. These in particular pissed me off a lot since they were diverse in the beginning, even adding action traps to the mix, making the duels more exciting but then they became very convenient to the plot. Need attack negation? action card. battle damaged negated? action card. Monster surviving the battle? action card. And they never picked a wrong action card from the XYZ arc on. on that time, every time they used them i though "huh, couldn't get out of that situation, could you writers?" Zexal did a great job stopping the gimmicks and focus on the duels. I don't like zexal that much overall but the duel quality was top notch. Action cards, while not butchering the duel quality of arc-v they were certainly more deus ex machina than that exciting element of action duels, that could help you or be totally useless in that situation, making the duels more appealing. W...morehat do you think?
  • Bocodamondo reply also its funny how the 3rd opening has a shit ton of edits to avoid spoilers early on, but this one that really needed that has none...guess they stopped trying by that point
  • Bocodamondo reply yeah adding serena , rin and ruri in the intro is just throwing salt into the wound to anyone who thought they would come back...
  • blazedu reply great analysis. I agree on pretty much everything. The side character/yuzus slideshow was a waste, no connection between reira and the girls, only 1 shot of silhouette zarc, no berserk yuya whatsoever and that dragon used by berserk yuya being represented as the ultimate utopia savior monster is dumb. I like the song but i agree, it's not last opening material. I would like to see more of this in the future. keep it up man.
  • zihon reply i like to see you expand the content keeping it yu gi oh related, i hope see more of this.
  • Vgod11 reply The Odd-Eyes Raging Dragon is the Most Nosense Thing In This OP
  • Pordon reply The tonal shift of the song is VERY fitting. Because the show DOES go for a happy ending, and the tonal shift is supposed to represent that there's ALWAYS hope, and it will always work out.
  • Pordon reply lol that abridged Jack Joke
  • Sawatari reply The 6th opening music is awesome, i just think they dindt used It well.
  • Ceradust reply ok this might just be me but you say that yugioh arc v op 3 had a battle that never happened well zexal also had 2 fights (Yuma vs Quinton and Yuma vs kite in the sphere field) never happened in zexal so zexal also suffers from this doesn't prove you wrong but just saying zexal also suffers from this
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