Trump Warns of Cold War Escalation, Attacks Congress in Sanctions Release

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  • Thurisaz17 reply Too mich money to be had in an arms race standoff. Not just America and Russia but neighboring states and allies. Between this situation and Obamacare, I firmly stand by my call to outlaw lobbying completely.
  • VybeyPantelonez reply Trump is seriously awesome. So are you styx .. lol. Gl with the trending endeavour; ill try and make a video on it soon.. but if they wont listen2u doubt they will me haha
  • [ – ] JohnnyWishbone reply If there is one thing from Trump coming into office that has been made clear, it is how truly corrupt politics is and how complicit the media is.
  • desmith1157 reply Hopefully McCain will be gone soon. Don't care how.
  • MacSplodie reply The politicians will only get the message that we are tired of their constant military ambitions when we vote both parties out of office and put Independents and Libertarians in their place.
  • yankinator reply Congress has an agenda and it in no way involves the will of the US people.
  • myordinaryart reply I do not really follow the news. Russian war? I thought that war was over ages ago. I thought all the focus was on the Taliban and Alqwida? I can not even remember who their leader is. Is it Binlarden or something? Don't know really.
  • astraleyes reply 90% of today's radio is crap? You're too nice. ;) I hate McCain too. He's a warmonger who gets a lot us killed. I'm in a military family and don't like to see my family members put in harm's way to make McCain rich.
  • lylelf21 reply Anyone else coming here for Styx videos and boycotting YT, at least for viewing Styx content?
  • BOSS_ROSS reply We really need a purge in congress
  • Identitarian reply If sanctions affect Europa, maybe this could trigger the removal of the migrants they've accumulated. The free ride is over.
  • StolenMoment reply That sanctions bill should have been vetoed. Sign and Whine, BFD
  • Auceza reply Please do some Occult stuff to cast away this insane McCain, Styx. :-)
  • Liberty_Surveillance reply I just think sanctions hurt the people of the country not the leaders. How is this supposed to work.
  • Franz_Kafka reply Songbird McCain is not a war hero.
  • GSP-4ME reply Why spend money on health care, it might take money away from a new cold war,...priorities people.
  • [ – ] GSP-4ME reply In Australia, public health care is working just fine,..but then again, our government isn't half as corrupt as yours,...
    • [ – ] Liberty_Surveillance parent reply Wow, I'm glad. Can you sumize in a sentence or 2? Can't see how govt involvment is a good thing. They suck at everything. Another middleman. I don't believe it is good but if you say so I'd like to know why/how. I have seen your MSM and they are no different. You're disarmed...who protects you from violence?
      • [ – ] GSP-4ME parent reply 1. Health Care It requires appropriate checks and balances against corruption. There are 2 links I'll provide that compare WHO health data for Australia and the USA. Note the spending PER CAPITA for both countries and compare that to the health outcomes (probability of dying stats). Statistically, the Australian Government is having greater health outcomes with less money per capita being spent. As I said in my original comment, it's the corruption that's the issue. Don't get me wrong, the private sector IS more efficient at running organizational structures, however, when the profit motive is introduced into the health care sector, profit takes priority over lives saved, by definition. 2. Mainstream Legacy Media in Australia You are correct, they are no different that the U.S. Typically, in Australia, the media lies by omission, or does not challenge an 'narrative' put forward - especially when it comes to inter...morenational politics, and when justifying involvement in a US war coalition, for example. 3. Disarmament and security Part of this is statistical, part cultural, part enforcement, and part logic. This report by Associate Professor Philip Alpers, in partnership with the University of Sydney, details the range of measure and actions that have lead to far less gun violence (per capital) in Australia. Anyways, i know its not a couple of lines, as requested. but even this response is a 'short hand' answer version to your questions.
  • Mountainghost556 reply Well spoken you hit the nail on the head in may ways. As far as the music point of view, that made be what we need now. As a person that has faced my own mortality many times I know what that means. But damn just to hear a good song we have to turn up as moisture over china. That's a high price to pay for tool, Slayer, Megadeath or (insert favorite band here) to turn out some good tunes and hear decent shit on the radio.
  • hasher411 reply OK Styxhexenhammer666 after watching that, do you think it's time to talk about Convention of States Project yet?
  • Sock_Puppet reply A new cold war......well a lot of Europeans will be cold this winter.
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