A Diverse, Multicultural, Multi-nation MRE Meal!

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  • TheGnomeGnows reply " I think this is salt" Well, if it isn't you can always get some from your nearest Democrat.
  • Thurisaz17 reply On a serious note, thanks for helping me get over my aversion to food noises lol. On an even more serious note, fuck the Neocons as well as the Neoliberals.
  • [ – ] JohnnyWishbone reply Stop with the cultural appropriation.
  • Embry0 reply i think the use of the word "cracker" is too TRIGGERING and OFFENSIVE, you should have called them biscuit or hardtack
  • Brandon95 reply You can't stop the spoon clank! Every time Styx clanks his mighty spoon neolibs, Clinton supports, and pro war advocates cry out in agony and it's glorious to hear. Praise Kek! 🐸 #spoonclank #alrighteveryone #that'saboutallpeaceout
  • [ – ] VidmeHatesFREEDOM reply Diversity is only for white nations, white states and white neighborhoods. if it wasn't there would be no China town in NYC etc etc etc
  • [ – ] Ae_olian reply make sure to only eat brown, not WHITE, rice to be as non-racist as possible
    • Whoulekeolie parent reply Actually white is evil incarnate, and must be digested hastily to erase it's influence from existence.
  • Broomfondle reply Fucking dirty low down xenophobic-coffee drinking bastard...Un-Follow!!! And don't even get me started on Plum Jam Satan....
  • NANOHORIZON reply "that's mildly concerning" Styx has died.
  • x_BIX reply 0/10 too many opinions seriously though, this is a perfect example of people trying to survive on youtube.
  • Victor_von_Doom_Jr reply As long as it contain enough bacon....
  • Lord_of_Fire reply This is probably the first time watching someone eat foreign food has entertained me this much.
  • Bal6fs2 reply Umm Tarl..._. If ur hungery___.__. I can get ya sum moose burgers, fuck i can get ya all 700 lbs lv ya like tht bro. Just ask do ya like dunky? Best coffie kid you know it
  • OnthePequod reply We need more occult videos!
  • Cynical-Bastard reply This video is like being ejected out of an exploding aircraft. Fitting analogy, I'd say. Styx, what do you think of the concept of "Liberal Attrition"?
  • Thurisaz17 reply PS: the pasta type is radiatore
  • KilledInAdvance reply how progressive
  • KilledInAdvance reply the only way to drink your coffee styx is black, like the lives that actually matter lol.
  • montgom reply YouTube is against free speech. Long live Vidme!
  • Debrajo33 reply Well, here you are. Good to see you. Love these.
  • StolenMoment reply Stir your American coffee with your bayonet. Careful with that fruity shit.
  • celticflame reply Absolutely love ur smartass comments,completely fit right in among the rest of us deplorable plebes,lol. I honestly wish i could hang with ya in person,u crack me up! Keep at it whitey! Lol😜
  • celticflame reply Jam is awesome always!😂
  • samiRatun reply i wish i was your friend irl
  • shitmodWTF reply i see u tarl.... no really next to the pot lol
  • FuerchtegottGellert reply Must be new with the broomsticks. Klappspaten. That's what we trained in. ;)
  • blindfire reply I highly suggest you pick up Japanese MREs if you ever get the chance. We traded for some during a field op and I was not disappointed. Very fishy, as you might expect, and everything came with rice. Overall, they were a great change. Most notably, the heaters they have are excellent.
  • vveet reply 66D? Is anyone else watching his reflection in the thing right of the pot?
  • Mountainghost556 reply This is gold in more ways than one.
  • Chili1179 reply Obligatory "put on a shirt, man" I know you don't have one on.
  • Vivere_Militare_Est reply New Zealand jam DA BEST
  • Bal6fs2 reply Shit make it a day ._.._ pinkum knotch ya bring ur bike ya goood times soco
  • Bal6fs2 reply Raspberry jam real white bread i got so many blackb and rasps patchs, Tarl.___. Your set man, fuck man ur good 3hrs ur good up rt 202 to 16
  • Bal6fs2 reply Ae nice
  • Cynical-Bastard reply Styx, shirt, NAO! My God, you know that nipples offend certain cultures!
  • weedcousin reply Literally just made a vidme account after finding out about the whole YouTube/Google mess today. Great video!
  • Debrajo33 reply Oh yeah and the Globe can buy me.
  • celticflame reply All bland boring universal, multicultural blobs of oneness. Socially acceptable fascist norms,oh wait & evil British nutcakes to blend it all together Evenly,lol . Oh wait,no islam,oh fuck it,oh wait extra evil America to the rescue!!! LOL!!😂😁🤣
  • celticflame reply 6's look like a Pillsbury doughboy face,lol oh no Mr. Bill!
  • celticflame reply Lol love the lettered crackers! Lmao!
  • the_epilepsy_guy reply Don't forget cuisine from the land of Kekistan.
  • shitmodWTF reply spOON CLANK Doe
  • Bal6fs2 reply Has the moose thing turned into a insider... And the if it has a fury ass ill shot at it.._. if ya read that last week ummm that was a joke .._. IN REALITY all i have is a bb gun and a butter knife. My land is posted... I am Monroes hunt.
  • Bal6fs2 reply Coffee sorry
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