Ads on VidMe! Good or Bad? My concerns...

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  • [ – ] CiliRat reply has anyone seen ad revenue listed as yet? There was an add for paypal and and amazon product while I watched this video.
    • [ – ] NathanSifuGaming parent reply Oh and to answer your question, I checked my dashboard and it just says " Ad revenue share reports are coming soon."
    • [ – ] NathanSifuGaming parent reply Oh really!? 😄 I haven't seen it in action yet, is it only on desktop? And is it like something on the side of the page or is it a banner under the video?
      • CiliRat parent reply I have only seen them when watching from my PC. The adds are tobthenlower right under the "up next" list. I am assuming those are the new adds.
  • [ – ] Arise212x reply My concern is for gaming videos. If you have ads on a let's play, will you earn the full 70%? Or will a percentage go to the company that made the game? If Nintendo or Konami start filing copyright claims against let's plays on vidme, will the entire video get taken down? Or will vidme have a system in place to divide the revenue?
    • [ – ] NathanSifuGaming parent reply Yes that is certainly a concern too, the good news (I think) is that Nintendo and Konami will likely be only issues, I don't think we'll have to worry about the content ID bullshit for playing 5 seconds of galaxy news radio in fallout 4 for example.
      • [ – ] Arise212x parent reply I like playing old retro games for the NES, SNES, GENESIS, PS1, N64, etc. Konami claimed one of my videos on youtube, and I try to avoid playing games that Nintendo might claim, even though I love the old Super Mario Bros. games, I avoid them. I have noticed let's players on vidme posting Mario Kart videos, and Mario Party, etc. I don't think Nintendo has gotten around to claiming anything on vidme yet.
        • NathanSifuGaming parent reply It could be because they JUST started monetization, but it'd be nice if somehow set up some kind of legal loophole that makes people allowed to monetize even if Nintendo doesn't like it.
  • [ – ] scottwebb reply BTW, see the ad off to the right and there are 71 views
  • scottwebb reply I have a feeling a bunch of the specifics are related to it being in beta.
  • MUMS-Universe reply This is going to be interesting.
  • [ – ] BusterTheFox reply Alright, everyone; Time to whitelist Vidme on Adblock! Haha. When I got the email telling me that ads are going to be a thing here, I got pretty excited. Sure, there are always going to be "snowflakes", as you call them, who try to abuse rules about bullying and harassment, but as a general ground rule, those sorts of things are pretty much needed (Especially seeing what happened to YouTube with the "Adpocolypse" that prompted the ever-infamous "Advertiser-friendly guidelines"). I'd say those things are just Vidme trying to avoid getting into the same trouble that YouTube did. I'd say it's just a BIT of a knee-jerk reaction to assume that this is Vidme giving in to the, er, "Snowflakes". :) Oh, and if I may have just the tiniest bit of my own snowflake moment... ;) "Pedophile" does not mean the same thing as "child rapist", or "sex offender". Many people use the terms interchangeably, but being a pedophile does not mean a person has, will, or even wants to rape a child. It just means...more they are attracted to children, and they really can't help it. But they CAN stop themselves from raping children. I would never advocate for that. That's a choice, and it's one that carries dire consequences. Just had to take this as an "education opportunity", as they say, for a topic that doesn't get nearly enough attention due to incorrect assumptions. No hate or ill-will here! Okay, snowflake moment over. XD
    • NathanSifuGaming parent reply Hahaha nicely put ;) but yeah you're right I do recognize that it's something that they pretty much have to have in place. Something else I should've mentioned is that Vidme you should inform their advertisers that the video itself doesn't necessarily reflect the advertisement that's being shown, which is the same case with YouTube, the ads that are shown are based on the viewers habits, rather than the video itself.
  • [ – ] MovieVigilante reply CPMs are Clicks Per Thousand
  • [ – ] MirrorBLK reply Яμ£3§ ɰЯ1++3η β¥ §ηøɰƒ£α]{3§, ƒøЯ §ηøɰƒ£α]{3§. 1 øη£¥ §ρ3α]{ +н3 +Яμ+н. ɰ3 α££ ]{ηøɰ +нα+ 1§ ɰн¥ +н1§ √1Ð3ø ɰα§ мαÐ3...β3991η9 ƒøЯ √1Ð.м3 §+Ⴣ3Я§ +ø ςøм3 βας]{ +ø Я3α£1+¥. ɰε α££ ]{ηøɰ +нε¥ αЯε ρεЯƒες+£¥ Яα+1øηα£ ɰнεη +нε¥ ςнøø§ε +ø βε. βμ+ +нε¥ нα√ε Ðες1ÐεÐ +нα+ ε9ø ςøмε§ βεƒøЯε α££, 1η +нε ρα§+. мα¥βε... мα¥βε... +нε¥ ɰ1££ Яε+μЯη +ø +нε1Я ρЯε√1øμ§, §εη§1β£ε Ð1§ρø§1+1øη §øøη.
    • NathanSifuGaming parent reply Not gonna lie, it took me a while to decode that, some parts were easy but... some weren't... very well written. But yes... all we can do is hope sensibility will prevail, but I have a bad feeling about this.
  • NathanSifuGaming reply I mention @EndTimesNewsReport in this video
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