The Scope of Youtube, AI Bots, YoutubeTV, Cultural Marxism

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  • [ – ] MrFixIt reply Werewolf is wrong. When the masses move, YouTube will die. I have a feeling Vidme is another YouTube. They will censor speech as they get bigger
  • lowbrow reply If I wanted to watch TV I would..
  • MrFixIt reply Fuck YouTube!
  • mattytripps reply If all the content creators that get shadow banned come here, that would make a fairly big impact.
  • mattytripps reply Youtube tv will fail, because tv is failing. It has little to do with the method of delivery. Its censorship, people do not want censorship. The television is highly restrictive and highly censored. People want freedom
  • mattytripps reply First, yeah bitch!
  • Auceza reply Social media are essential for the freedom of speech. Since there is no free speech on social media democracy is in jeopardy.
  • Auceza reply NaziTube and Nazi-Google.
  • peershaunm reply cultural marxism is the cancer that is eating away at the foundations of western civilization. #CulturalMarxismIsCancer
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