Trump Bans Transgendered People From Joining the US Military: My Thoughts

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  • valereth reply U.S. tax dollars and the government should not be paying for things like sex changes
  • [ – ] VybeyPantelonez reply If the generals dont want them in the military ..then why are we arguing with them? Imo noone knows what is good and bad for national defense than generals. If they rose through the ranks they are probably intelligent and have a far greater understanding of whether this would negatively or positively affect their branches. I definitely would ask them if its a good idea and go from there. Now if they started telling civilians how to live that would be another story... but within the armed services i would sure as shit take their advice. I hear what you're saying tho... but thats my opinion.
  • FunkyMunky reply You did not address any of the logistical problems with dealing with transsexuals in the military, or the opinions of the soldiers that have to fight beside them. Resupply transports will have to carry less medical supplies and/or ammunition to supply them with their mental illness supplements, thereby weakening the fighting force as a whole and putting soldiers (and your) lives at risk. This is another Obama disaster that Trump is cleaning up. It was a calculated effort to weaken the US military as a whole. I'm all for liberty but not at the price of weakening the defense of the nation
  • I3UTM reply I think there is more to this story than the MSM is reporting. I'm assuming some deals had to be made for either his Wall or his HealthCare bill to pass. He is a deal maker. Not a social / political wedge issue commentator.
  • Forestal reply The military is not democracy-- it needs biological fighting men, not social constructs who need their super serum to pretend to be Steve Rogers
  • mistrx reply well I call this tyranny of micro minorities! I do oppose!
  • SolomonMcKay reply If only the Vietnam draftees thought about taking hormone replacements...
  • CleetusVDamme reply So happy the Roman flag has reappeared lately
  • Jijipoid reply I pretty much agree with you on all fronts.. I think if someone wants to go fight, get shot at, become a meat shield or has the intellect to provide something in the intelligence area that could help a great deal they should be allowed to do so regardless of gender or "identity". why there has to be "requirements" to basically sign up to fight and possibly die i have no idea.. IF you can carry the armor, the guns, and can fight you should have that right.. imo of course. sorry if i rambled a bit i am quite tired..
  • cornhole01 reply Way dont agree. This ridiculous stretch of victim status is so obviously wrong, discussion is demeaning.
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