President Zuckerberg, State Patrol Orders Pelvic Exams, & CIA's Dumbo | Liberty Update

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  • [ – ] wolfalexzemla reply God help us if people are stupid enough to vote for that idiot
  • LeonLaGrey reply I'm good! Sorry Zuckerberg you don't get my vote. many reason I left Facebook 4 years back.
  • todster23 reply They all look like hell. I mean they are very scary looking. They world is slowly sliding into the abyss. Sad state of affairs. Great post keep up the great work.
  • 4thDaGrymReaper reply My new number 1 source of news on vidme!! Followed!
  • Sallust reply Seattle just got rid of a Pedophile mayor. Where to next Seattle?
  • reverendsimonsideways reply Mr left wing thought police if he was to become president say by to a lot of your freedoms
  • Didymus reply I really hope Zuckerberg is stupid enough to go for it. Have you seen how awful he is at public speaking, and how easy it is to fluster him? Confronting Trump, Zuckerberg would look like that Nazi who saw the Ark of the Covenant.
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